Work Integrated Learning

“I’ve not only gained the experience of a professional workplace, but also developed skills and the knowledge that has made me more confident as an emerging professional.”
Thishara Rajakaruna, Bachelor of Business (Professional)

I did my diploma at the Nawaloka College of Higher Studies affiliated with Swinburne. During the process of transferring from Sri Lanka to Australia to complete my degree, I was offered the opportunity to change my bachelor’s degree to the professional degree. I chose to change to a professional degree, as I believed that real world experience would supplement the knowledge I gained throughout the university and it gave me the opportunity to work in Australia for 12-months, while studying.

A home away from home

Being an international student, I had no knowledge on what an Australian work culture and environment would be like. Therefore, prior to the placement, I had no idea on what to expect! Sometimes, it is hard to manage living and working away from home, in an unfamiliar environment. However, working in this department has never disappointed me. Everyone makes me feel so at home here, and that has definitely helped me over the past few months. I really am very grateful for my team here at Bosch!

At my placement, I assist the marketing managers of Bosch Blue Power Tools and Measuring Tools at Bosch Australia. Bosch is a brand that has a reputation for having excellent quality and best practices, so I felt that working in such a large reputable company would give me an experience that I would not be able to find in most places. Also, the fact that Bosch is owned by a charitable foundation appealed to me a lot too.

My first day was great! I was quite nervous to start a new job in a new country. However, from the moment of walking into the security gatehouse to collect my ID, and then to my department, I felt quite at home. Everyone was so welcoming, helpful and made the transition very easy.

Personal development through responsibility

There is a stereotype that placement students are the people who have to do tasks that nobody else wants to do. However, during my placement I was given the responsibility to handle tasks and projects independently just as any other employee of the organization, while there is still a culture where it is easy to approach our managers when we require assistance or advice. I think this really contributes to personal development.

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in trade expos in both Melbourne and Brisbane. Initially, I was quite nervous, as sales were something, I had no experience in and was definitely out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, all it took was the push to make an initial sale; and I immediately felt more confident. I ended up really enjoying making sales to customers directly!

Placements: a perfect stepping stone to the next phase of your career

I think a placement is the perfect stepping-stone to the next phase of your career. It not only gives you an idea on what you can expect from a full-time working environment, but how to achieve a work-life balance. I believe that it can stop you from being thrown into the deep end of not knowing what to expect once you graduate.

Nawaloka College of Higher studies (NCHS)

Nawaloka College of Higher studies (NCHS) is a provider of globally recognized higher education qualifications. Located in the heart of Colombo, the NCHS campus consists of modern facilities, providing students with an international learning environment. With a strong commitment to provide high quality education, NCHS offers distinctive benefits that are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual student.

Global Education with the Highest Standards

NCHS has partnered with the global leaders in education, the Swinburne University of Technology, Ulster University , UK as well as California State Universities. Sri Lankan students can now through Nawaloka College become part of a global fraternity of universities including California State University Monterey Bay, California State University San Marcos, California State University Bakersfield, California State University, Sacramento, California State University, Northridge, California State University, Fresno and California State University Humboldt.

On completion of a pathway program at NCHS, students can select the degree that they wish to embark on in the Swinburne campuses in Hawthorne, Australia or Malaysia.

Best Academics and Facilities

Located in the heart of Colombo 03, NCHS offers the best facilities which include purpose-built engineering and computer laboratories, a resource-oriented library, study areas and ample parking space and reputed academics to administer the programs. The same syllabus, methods of delivery and evaluation as Swinburne, Australia are followed, ensuring that the pathway programs conducted at NCHS are of the same standards and quality.

The students have the further advantage of being able to access the best of Swinburne from the comfort of their own homes. Access to the library and the blackboard system give students the advantage of listening in and contacting the Swinburne lectures directly if they wish to.

Student loan facilities at special interest rates are also on offer to help students pursue their higher education at NCHS from reputed banking partners.

To find out more on how you can be a part of the prestigious Swinburne, Ulster, or Cal State degree pathways at NCHS, call 0777 899 998/ 011 5 899 998 or email