An Educator “Talk Show” l Dr. Harsha Alles l Trailer

**Trailer** I AnEducator “Talk Show” – Your favorite educational channel.

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Dr. Harsha Alles is a Medical Doctor by profession and holds an M.B., B.S., and a Ph.D. He was a Lecturer in the Medical Faculty of the University of Colombo before he shifted his career to be in charge of Gateway. He is credited with placing the Gateway brand on the map as a provider of technology-based, high-quality education through a large network of institutions that include 5 International Schools, 2 National Curriculum Schools, a Graduate School, and over 12 training centers spread across the country. Some of Gateway’s educational programms have been used in twelve countries on three continents. Gateway also has a group of Kindergartens in the UK. Dr. Alles is also a Director of the Universal College Lanka (UCL) which offers the Monash University programmes in Sri Lanka.

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