An Educator Talk Show I Dr Philip Neri Mullegama

An Educator Talk Show with Dr. Philip Neri Mullegama

** DRUG ADDICT & MENTAL PATIENT TURNED I CEO I LIFE COACH I AUTHOR I BEST SRI LANKAN AWARD – CIM UK I CERTIFIED TRAINER – USA ** A courageous man who proved to the world that Sri Lankans can bounce back!

Philip Nehri Mullegama is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, trainer, motivational speaker, and business consultant from Sri Lanka. He is best known for his remarkable transformation from being a rejected mental patient and drug addict to becoming a top corporate professional, mentor, and role model for many in the Sri Lankan community.

Mullegama serves as the CEO of Chandanaleepa, one of Sri Lanka’s largest Ayurvedic cosmetics manufacturers, and is a former head of marketing for Nature’s Secrets, a pioneering cosmetics brand in the region. He is also a senior lecturer at the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing and a regular columnist for The Sunday Times, providing insights on personality development.

His achievements have been recognized by various organizations, including the CIM-UK, which named him the best Sri Lankan student, and the United Nations University for Global Peace in the USA, which honored him with a Doctorate title for his immense personal transformation. Mullegama is also the youngest Sri Lankan to receive a full-time scholarship from the US government in Therapeutic Community Psychological Counselling and is certified as a counselor by the United States.

Mullegama’s transformational lectures on personality development have inspired many and continue to make a positive impact on the lives of people across the world. To access more videos and information about An Educator, kindly visit our website at or alternatively, you can visit us at We look forward to your visit!

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