Venturing Into the Land Down Under- Discovering Unseen Potential with James Cook University!

Australia has always been the go-to destination for Sri Lankan students and has the reputation for academic excellence and one of the best countries in the world to study and live. There are well over 9,000 Sri Lankan students studying in Australia at any given time with diverse range of study options to choose from 22,000 courses on offer. 

However, it isn’t all sunshine and clear skies as student migrants have to be particularly responsible while selecting the ideal university. James Cook University located in close vicinity to the wet tropics of Northern Queensland is an alluring destination for many. James Cook University gives a blended aura of excellence, opening up prosperous horizons on a plethora of options to specialize through a diversified portfolio of courses. David Samuel, Regional Head- Sri Lanka Maldives, Future Students and International / Global Strategy and Engagement of James Cook University shared some light on the evident potential of the university.

How did James Cook University get acquainted with Sri Lanka?

James Cook University has been a dominant factor within the market for quite a long tenure. Sri Lanka entered into a paradigm shift after the 30 year internal conflict, with the implementation of several development processes. That created a favorable condition for James Cook University to officially make its presence known within the local circuit. As an institution, James Cook University always believed that it required quality students and that is the sole reason for the penetration into the Sri Lankan market.

What are the options available for anyone who opts to enroll within James Cook University?

Cairns Region, approximately 4,000 students, including more than 470 international students, study at JCU Cairns. JCU Cairns houses state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities including the Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine (AITHM), the Cairns Institute, an impressive library, JCU’s Dentistry teaching facilities and dental clinic, and other health and science laboratories and teaching spaces.

Townsville Region, more than 13,000 students, including 1,500 international students study at JCU Townsville which was established almost 50 years ago. JCU Townsville’s facilities include the Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, Education Central, the Australian Tropical Science and Innovation Precinct, the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, a multitude of other science, computing, health science, medical and veterinary teaching spaces, cafes, fitness, sporting and accommodation facilities.

Several courses are on offer from undergraduate, post graduate to PhDs. The courses are diversified, with specializations in:

  • Undergraduate level: Arts, Biomedical Sciences, Business, Clinical Sciences, Creative Arts and Media, Dental Surgery, Education, Engineering, Environmental Practice, Geology, IT, Laws, Marine Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Planning, Psychology, Science, Social Work, Sports and Exercise Science, Veterinary Science and Speech Pathology.
  • Postgraduate level: Accounting, Conflict Management and Resolution, Education, Governance and Leadership, Guidance and Counselling, Health and Medicine, IT, MBA, Planning, Science, Social Work and Social Science, and Veterinary & Animal Science.
  • Professional Doctorates in Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology, and Public Health.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies, Architecture and Building, Creative Arts, Education, Engineering and Related Technologies, Health, IT, Management and Commerce, Medical and Molecular Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences, Society and Culture.

(all above through Masters by Research as well).

James Cook University refuses to claim that it is specialized in one individual discipline and It believes that students deserve the best options, and rightfully it sticks to its core belief by extending the ideal solutions for its students to pursue.

James Cook University has great pride in its Research elements, since it is located in a tropical destination and heaven for any researchers. Cairns is a beautiful location which attracts abundance of tourists and as a result students at different levels (ethnicities and cultures) are charmed by the University’s promise. Such a diversity of students exploring countless possibilities is always a pleasant sight.

How updated is James Cook University on the latest trends and technologies?

James Cook University is not just inclined to its individual presence. It has established collaborations with research institutions and leading conglomerates across the globe. Programs are designed in such a way that it meets future market demands while adapting into working environments in industries. What is offered fits to the demand for both developed and developing countries. In a nutshell, James Cook University is an institution committed towards creating human capital with world class qualification and recognition upon graduation, who are brimming with employment potential.

What is the prestige that a student gets by getting recognized as a student of James Cook University?

Every student holds a dream which resides within him or her; which is to earn a world class qualification. Australia has always been a sought after destination for higher studies. There 39 universities in Australia and each have its own capacity and prestige. What James Cook University takes pride is the manner in which it honed its graduates to transform into employable, highly sought after individuals whose skills, knowledge and expertise is used for the betterment of each organization which they belong to, as well as to develop the economies around the world.

Any idea on the performance of Sri Lankan undergraduates of James Cook University, compared to their international peers?

Sri Lankan students have always been quite exceptional. It is fitting to state that the Sri Lankan representation has always been one of the best cohorts that reside within Australia. That is due to the commitment and dedication showcased. They realize that they are from a different background and stature, and they are aware of the fact that they need to receive the qualification. That sense of responsibility gives them a chance to earn a stand within the society. As an institution, James Cook University takes it upon themselves to give these students a qualification from a learning environment, which is one of the best in the world. The University is located in one of the best cities in Australia, so learning and adapting into the new lifestyle is simplified considerably.

What guidance will those enrolled receive during their stay at James Cook University?

A solid team is ever-present at different levels to keep a keen eye on the students, starting from the application/enrollment process till graduation. Student welfare (both physical and mental welfare) and accommodation are given severe attention. At the end of the day, James Cook University isn’t merely a place where students learn, it is also a place which nurtures those who grow under its branches. It is fitting to state that it is similar to a parental commitment towards their children. That is the commitment made by the University for the Betterment of its students.

Differential treatment is not tolerated, therefore it is safe to state that their would be no discrimination based on race or culture. This means that students have different mindsets, therefore the product needs to be maneuvered in such a way that everyone’s demands and expectations are catered to. At the end of the day, what is important is to empower a happy student coming out with a qualification which ultimately transforms them into a future leader.

How will the Sri Lankan students perform within the local circuit, if they chose to seek a career within their motherland?

Sri Lankan students are focused, committed and determined to learn and up-skill their knowledge with hands-on experience within the field of choice. The country needs students to come and serve for the motherland. It is reassuring to state that some of the students actually does return, due to the strong bond established with their roots of origin. Sri Lankan industries are starting to bloom, and it is growing to a different level. This is a country which is focused on service and agriculture. Leaving that aside, it is noteworthy to realize that the options are infinite, since employment potential are diversified within a variety of different industries.

There might be several restraints, but those who return most probably will be able to build a bright prosperous future for themselves, their family and create a favorable contribution for the domestic economy. Those who return can be a fabulous employee to an organization who gives opportunities for future students somewhere down the line, or become a great entrepreneur who creates new lanes for others to pursue.

How does James Cook University remain competitive within the University System?

James Cook University has its own strengths. Some of the courses that are offered; Engineering, Accounting, IT, Sciences, Education, Governance and Leadership, Guidance and Counselling,   Health & Medicine, MBAs are highly sought after. The competition is not regarding greatness, but with the global placement it has made throughout the years. James Cook University continuously seeks to explore means to further strengthen these already predominant strengths.

How does James Cook University plan to evolve within the next decade?

The core focus is to build up on the University’s commitment to Sri Lanka. James Cook University further plans to enhance the bond with its partners through collaborations to further enhance the brand while updating the University’s grand profile to ensure that it becomes the one of the most sought after University in the entirety of Australia for Sri Lankan students. The long term plan is to increase the numbers of the highly qualified graduates passing out of the university. That recognition is the greatest joy which James Cook University could ever ask for.

What is the message that James Cook University wish to embark on the Sri Lankan audience?

Choose the right path that suits your future. A student who wishes to be a medical professional ought to be groomed within that specific field, without settling on alternative lane. This should be done at a younger age, because it gets difficult as the student gets older. Parents should be focused on their commitments to their children. The commitment starts from the early stages of a student’s life. As a parent, it is my dream to give the best education for my child, and this is a dream shared by every parent across the globe. That is the biggest chip that they carry on their shoulder. As an institution, as a professional and as a parent, I would say that the fundamental responsibility is to provide the best possible education for your child, since it is a fundamental right of any individual. That is the manner in which we, as parents, can take our children, as well as our country towards prosperity.

For further details and appointments, please email David Samuel, Regional Head, James Cook University. E: