Using data effectively to support businesses

There is an imperative need to record, manage, and use the information for day-to-day operations or strategic decision-making when it comes to businesses. Behind every successful business is the effective use of data. The Masters of Business Information System (MBIS) coursework program at the School of Information Technology, Monash University Malaysia, prepares students for careers in big data analytics, business intelligence, systems design, planning and management, as well as knowledge and information management.

There is a three-part structure to the coursework program. The first part is the foundations for advanced business information systems, designed for students who do not have prior training in IT. The units introduce information systems and business concepts, including system design and analysis as applied in professional practice. Students will learn basic software programming and development concepts and database technology.

The second part draws on best practices within business information systems to understand the theories and practices relating to information systems and business process design, IT strategy, IT governance, IT management and related issues. Students will focus on project management and a choice of several areas of enterprise IT and information management practice.

The final part focuses on scholarly work in the broad realm of business information systems. Students can opt to complete this part by submitting a thesis, which can be a pathway to a higher degree by research. Alternatively, they can choose to complete a program of coursework involving advanced study and an industry experience studio project.

“The emerging applications of IT in business management bring up the trends and demands of understanding business information systems (BIS) in a better level of depth. The MBIS coursework program allows the students to learn and experience the best of both the IT knowledge and the business worlds that are consistent with senior professional practice. Notably, the MBIS coursework program is suitable for students with previous qualifications in any discipline, and it brings two spheres with just one postgraduate degree – IT and business,” says course coordinator Dr Lim Chern Hong.

MBIS graduates gain the expertise to analyse a business problem critically, develop IT solutions for such issues and assess their effectiveness. They are able to demonstrate professional social, ethical and communication skills in an industry setting and manage ambiguity and complexity in real-world settings. Graduates will also be able to

demonstrate an understanding of business information systems in a technology-independent manner.

The degree covers the business IT spectrum from supporting business operations to supporting managers’ decision-making. It prepares students for roles such as business analyst, systems analyst, project leader, IT manager, as well as information manager, archivist or librarian. Graduates can also be involved in research related to mobile apps, wearable technologies, image processing, intelligent health, robotics and data science.

“The quality of education at Monash is of very high standards, and it has equipped me to perform better at my workplace. Many of the units contain theoretical and practical elements, demonstrating how I can apply the lessons learned to real-world situations. This has helped me in bridging the gap between academic and professional experiences, easily transferring the knowledge from my classes to the working world,” shared alumni Clement Chin Kah Hin, who is currently Chief of Staff, Global Digital Marketing & Commercial Excellence (2nd GMAP assignment), United States of America.

The MBIS course is accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as meeting the standard of knowledge for professional-level membership. Graduates can become ACS members and access career support, groundbreaking reports and more.  A Monash degree can offer you personal enrichment and enhanced career opportunities. More details at