TINGO EDUCATION AUSTRALIA brings opportunities to your door-step!

Each student shares a great dream of receiving the best education away in a far distant country and Tingo Education Australia brings their dreams to reality by bringing so many opportunities they could explore.
Kasun Gamlath, Operation Director of TINGO Education Australia who holds a distinguished career in international student services is a well-acclaimed figure in the educational field for well over 10 years. Kasun has assisted students of diverse nationalities, backgrounds and geographical areas in his career is indeed one of the most sought after Migration Specialist in Australia. A Chartered Accountant by profession holds full membership of the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA), Migration Institute Australia, Finance Brokers Association Australia and CPA Australia.
Whilst Tingo Education Australia gearing to celebrate their anniversary on 14th Dec 2019 in Australia, is pleased to provide insights on the company’s success in Australia and Sri Lanka.
TINGO EDUCATION AUSTRALIA (also known as Tingo Global) was established in the year 2005 to support and guide students to achieve career excellence through the right choices and pathways in higher education. We have assisted thousands of Sri Lankan students since the inception to gain an Australian education to achieve career goals and dreams in their chosen fields and careers. Since recently a host of students from South East Asia and Sub-continent and several other Asian countries have also succeeded in pursuing their tertiary education in Australia under their guidance and advice.
Tingo has gained its due recognition through many prestigious Institutes they represent throughout Australia, some of which are ranked among the world’s best. Tingo promotes students to Universities, TAFE Institutes, and Colleges while the study scope ranges from Diploma level to Bachelor degree and Post Graduate programs, MPhil to PhD’s to name a few.
TINGO EDUCATION AUSTRALIA operates five student support offices covering most parts of Sri Lanka (Nugegoda, Kandana, Matara, Galle and Kandy) and an extended branch in Perth, Australia and soon expanding their operations throughout Australian territory and in the Middle-Eastern region. Their specialist consultants operating through their branches in Sri Lanka and Australia have gained much expertise and skills through years, promoting tailor-made educational packages to suit the specific educational needs of each student. Their dedication to guide aspiring students with genuine and career-oriented advice has earned the reputation and trust, as the most reliable and trustworthy student services company in the promotion of Australian education globally.
Tingo Education Australia assesses each student individually at a personalized interview, to identify their academic achievements, future educational needs and career aspirations to decide on the best course to study that suit their specific needs. Their professional, friendly and caring staff will take students under their able wings and guide them from the completion of the relevant application forms through their International English Language Test (IELTS) Exams and up to the visa approval stage to ensure your Australian education dream becomes a reality.
TINGO Education Australia recommends courses that are of high repute and the qualifications students will avail are a solid gateway to global opportunities and have international repute. Tingo also recommends qualifications leads to accredited courses by Professional Associations in Australia while some qualifications could lead to living and working in Australia as well as other parts of the world. Tingo provides information that is utmost important to students based on information Australian Government publicize time to time.
TINGO Education Australia vision is to bring opportunities to your door-step and manage your education portfolio to suit your career dreams and personal goals.
For further details, please contact our customer services – email: info@tingoeducation.com.au