The Royal Institute of Colombo goes live with UNIVERSE!

The university’s prospective students, current students and alumni can now seamlessly connect in one spot

This January,the Royal Institute of Colombo [RIC] is pleased to announce that it went “live” with UNIVISER, a state-of-the art custom cloud-based networking system that connects its prospective students to current students and current students to alumni.

RIC’s partnership with UNIVISER ushers in a new way for prospective students to virtually engage with verified current students and for current students to receive e-mentorship from valuable alumni of the university.

With UNIVISER, institutions gain access to an official university-driven system where future students benefit from current students’ knowledge, advice and guidance about courses, finances, and campus life. Meanwhile, existing students receive direct access to RIC alumni to form valuable connections through UNIVISER’s proprietary e-mentoring platform.

Founded in 2018, and based in Colombo, Sri Lanka (No 20 Bawa Place, Borella Col 08) and Singapore (20A TanjongPagar road, Singapore 088443), UNIVISER’s seasoned team specializes in supporting university administrators with achieving their strategic goals of engaging 3 key stakeholders: prospects, current students and alumni. The company offers two key solutions to educational institutes by providing networking support to future students and current students.

RIC is excited to announce this valuable partnership with Univiser to further the university’s mission to use innovation and creativity to actively engage its fellow university community in new and improved ways.

For more information, contact:

The Royal Institute of Colombo

Contact: 077 23 55 000


Address: #92, Sunethradevi Road, Kohuwala

For more information on UNIVISER:


Speaking at the event:

DrNirodhaBandara, Academic Director, RIC

Mr. Ismail Sadurdeen, Founder and CEO of  Univiser

Ms. SithmiHimansha, International Foundation Programme Student of RIC

Mr. HarinKamaragoda , Alumnus of RIC, Co-founder & Share holder of Apex Ventures, Sky Eye, Analytic Eye