SLTC Research University Postgraduate Programmes – MSc, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

The SLTC Research University, Colombo is calling for applications from suitable candidates for Master of Science programmes offered by the Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Under this partnership, SLTC offers two specialised postgraduate programmes, MSc Embedded Systems and IC Design, MSc in Wireless Communications. The university has enabled both full-time as well as part-time study options. The full-time students may complete their degree in one year whereas the part-time study options allow students to complete the programme in one and half years. Conducted virtually by a faculty comprising distinguished academic members representing both institutes, the programmes cover a wide range of current content delivered via tutorials, seminars, activity-based learning, group discussions, panel sessions and inverted classroom learning.

This programme is suited for professionals who wish to further their career prospects in related industries and will be especially beneficial to those who wish to obtain a UK postgraduate qualification to better their professional prospects overseas. It is also an ideal opportunity for those graduates of related disciplines who wish to engage in further studies.

MSc in Wireless Communications:

This MSc programme in Wireless Communications has been specially designed for those who wish to be a part of this ever-evolving and growing industry, which has seen a great increase in demand, both at home and abroad. The programme benefits from the research strengths of SLTC Research University, especially so through its Centre for Telecommunication Research (CTR). SLTC Research University has earned an international reputation for pioneering research in several key fundamental and experimental work areas, including wireless communication for underwater wireless, 6G, coding theory, advanced non-orthogonal multiple access technologies and radio frequency energy harvesting technologies.

MSc Embedded Systems and IC Design:

This programme has been designed to cover the advanced concepts of building embedded systems using high-end microchips, designing ICs with custom embedded system designs, and testing the built systems with industry-standard tools. Whilst the focus on the IC design concepts makes this programme unique for Sri Lanka, SLTC’s in-house experts in nanoelectronics deliver advanced knowledge on state-of-the-art CMOS devices and systems, fabrication, and testing of microelectronic devices and in the latest consumer electronic products. The programme is also associated with the national research lab for embedded systems in Madurai.

The SLTC Research University is Sri Lanka’s only research-based, corporate-backed university and houses an eminent faculty of renowned academics and industry leaders who bring a wealth of operational know-how and knowledge to the classroom.  Academic and other resources of Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom (UK), further strengthen the academic credentials and learning experiences in these postgraduate programmes. MSc Embedded Systems and IC Design, MSc in Wireless Communications programmes, offered by the School of Postgraduate Studies of the university will ready its graduates not only for the industry but also for professional and personal development, attributes in demand for progression in the related industries.  Those who wish to forward their applications or learn more about the programmes may visit or contact 0112100500