SLIM conducts the first training session on ‘Entrepreneurship Society’ for Provincial and Zonal Directors of Education

The National Body for Marketing in Sri Lanka, SLIM, conducted its first teacher training programme for the Provincial and Zonal Directors of Education on 24th September at the SLIM Business School.

The training session was followed by a press conference to launch the website of the Entrepreneurship Society.

The successful first training programme witnessed the participation of 103 directors across the island. Simultaneously, the website was launched with the aim of linking 1800 schools island-wide to the School Entrepreneurship Society.

With the aim of enhancing the educational sector of the country, SLIM collaborated with the Ministry of Education to provide valuable training programs to the educational authorities in the country to extend that knowledge to schools in order to guide and motivate budding entrepreneurs.

The first teacher training program for the Provincial and Zonal Directors was organized by SLIM as the initial step of this significant project.

The workshop focused on educating the participants on several subject matters related to Entrepreneurial skill development including technical skills, leadership and business management skills and creative thinking.

The ultimate goal of this training was to provide a comprehensive idea about Entrepreneurship management, so that the respective authorities could disperse that knowledge at the school level.

As the pioneer in Marketing education in the country, the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing has identified the need to empower potential entrepreneurs at the school level. The knowledge extended to schools through this programme will help students bring out their entrepreneurial skills and consequently venture into entrepreneurship.

A programme initiated through SLIM will also be provided exclusively for the students who pursue their studies in the Commerce stream. The programme will be conducted through an online platform, connecting all schools island-wide.

Speaking at the event Mr. Roshan Fernando, President of SLIM and Co-founder of Entrepreneurship Society, stated, “SLIM wishes to empower and encourage school children by equipping them with adequate knowledge on developing entrepreneurial skills.

Through this unique programme, we are attempting to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in students who are studying in the Commerce stream for the Advanced Level Examination. In the future, we will be conducting a series of tailor-made training programs for the teachers of the Commerce stream as well”.

Mr Asanka Perera, Co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Society further stated, “The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing in collaboration with the Ministry of Education launched the Entrepreneurship society for Advanced level students to encourage and motivate them in succeeding in the field of commerce and marketing. As the national body for marketing, our aspiration is to instil an entrepreneurial mindset throughout the Sri Lankan education system to encourage the younger generation to delve into becoming ‘job creators’ rather than ‘job seekers’ by channelling and realizing their untapped potential to create economic and commercial value”. SLIM has made its mark in the Marketing fraternity by creating professional marketers through its internationally recognized educational products and training programmes. SLIM is often on the lookout to guide the next generation of leaders towards a professional career path exposing them to both academic and practical avenues in today’s global market. This training programme and the Entrepreneurship Society website are such initiatives taken by SLIM to ensure the betterment of the future marketers of Sri Lanka.