SLIIT hosts 3rd Annual Reviewing Research Colloquium held virtually to show current research activities, output and outcome among its researchers

Prof. Gamage, Vice – Chancellor, SLIIT and Prof. Rahula Attalage, Dean, FGSR Recognition Award to Dr. Ruwan Jayathilaka
Prof. Rathnayake, Chancellor, SLIIT and Prof. Rahula Attalage, Dean, FGSR Recognition Award to Prof. Pradeep Abeygunawardhna



Recognised as an institution that molds independent and critical thinking aimed at providing avenues for focused research, and also extending contributions to the society, SLIIT held its third annual colloquium via virtual platforms recently.

Organised by SLIIT’s Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR), ‘Reviewing Research 2020’ was organised with an objective of providing incentives, encouragement and to promote research related activities among academics, thus benefitting SLIIT, students and the society.

Held since 2018, the colloquium affords a platform for researchers in all SLIIT faculties to come together and present their findings. This ensures all faculties are in sync with each other on key elements of research being conducted and the ability to plan ahead. The event highlighted the research activities, outputs, outcomes and direct and indirect benefits for the betterment of society based on SLIIT’s vision. This was the 3rd consecutive year that the event was being held.

A new dimension was included in this year’s colloquium with researchers being recognised and incentivized for the work done, and awarded certificates and plaques based on their research performance during the past year.

Awards were presented to selected recipients based on their publications of highly rated scientific research work in top –end international journals and citations received during 2020. In this regard, there were two categories of awards encompassing, Merit and Special awards

The basis of recognition was for researchers who published their work in the top 10% of acclaimed global journals received special awards. Similarly, researchers who achieved success in the top 25% of respected journal were recognised with a merit award.

During the sessions, each faculty presented three selected most impactful research work and findings. This was followed by Q & A sessions and deliberations by the respective Dean. Commenting on the event Prof Rahula Attalage, Dean Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research said, “SLIIT’s Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research has over the years supported the mission of the Institute to enhance knowledge and research activities.  As the world advances, research and innovations are crucial aspects for knowledge-intensive activities, and providing advanced research facilities in various areas is invaluable. The annual colloquium has been successful in showcasing our academic staff’s research output with their graduate students’ contributions and external and internal financial support. Further, this colloquium is an ideal platform for the academic staff to present their research and receive feedback from fellow academics, building multi-disciplinary research teams in view of jointly working with national and international research teams to serve the society. This year we not only promoted research but were also able to incentivize researchers and bring value to the society through these research platforms.”