All Sectors including education have been devastated by the impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic. Does that mean your medical dream has come to a halt? Although the unprecedented impacts of Covid-19 global outbreak still remain the same, the need for education cannot be ceased. Instead we all
continue to adapt to life during the pandemic where it ushers educational systems to a new normal period in human history in the light of emerging opportunities and challenges with all the precautions being taken care of.

What it means for Sri Lanka?

The education system we knew was 200 years old with minimal revisions made to the curriculum. It is only now we understand the urgency for transformation. As Sri Lanka is gradually rolling-out a phased relaxation of lockdowns and lifting curfews, there is a narrow window of opportunity for
the Educators of Sri Lanka to redefine the educational system through the perspective of Curriculum studies. One such step is that during the period of social distancing, many educational Institutes in Sri Lanka are headed towards complete online modality or blended learning modality in instructions. Coincidentally, this blended learning is known as the “new normal” in the realm, of the education technology. Apart from that, the Education Ministry has decided to reschedule the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination for October 2020 amidst the pandemic. Therefore, it is pretty much sure that Education sectors whatsoever won’t be derailed due to the outbreak.

In the wake of the novel Corona Virus medical education is unprecedented, far reaching, and presents unique challenges to medical schools. Academic programs of undergraduate levels have been mostly affected and as parents you might be in uncertainty of not being able to enter your child to the best medical university in the world.

Amidst all these, following are some of the potential situations to proceed with medical education in a world class medical university which is recognized by Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC):

• E-courses, virtual simulators will become part of teaching learning methodology.
• Choosing a medical University that offers an affordable yet quality medical degree.
• Research related Medical Education will have a higher demand in future.
• Medical Specialties such as Disaster Management & Infectious Diseases will also be considered by the students to pursue their higher education.

During this period as parents and students face a challenging time financially, medical university options that are SLMC recognized is limited to a handful of universities. Therefore this is the ideal time to choose and enroll to one of the most affordable yet recognized and quality medical universities abroad.

Don’t limit your Medical educational dream! Choose your destinations such as Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Armenia, Malaysia, Belarus, Russia and more to perceive your medical dream.