Revamping Global Education- Achieve Learning Outcomes with Pearson

Learning is an art, which isn’t limited to sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture, taking down notes and memorizing.

 It is a craft which can be perfected from any location; regardless if it is in a remote or an urbanized setting. Pearson Education provides a blend of content, curricula, assessment, training and information systems to make learning more engaging and effective.

 Managing Director of Pearson India Vikas Singh shared an illuminating insight on how Pearson Education could very well turn out to be the face of the future in classroom-less education.

What is the philosophy of Pearson Education

Pearson clearly focuses on learning outcomes. Efficacy has been a strong pursuit, which means that the core believes lies in the ability to produce the desired or intended results in terms of making an impact on the journey of the learner. The product is measured in terms of its impact, and actions are taken to continuously improve the content of what is delivered.

The other aspect given focus is the employability of the learners. The modern heated topic is the availability of jobs, and whether if the workforce is adept enough to fill in the available job requirements. Pearson attempts to fill the role of sculpting the educated candidates who are destined to put the debate to rest.

What is the learning culture cultivated by Pearson Education?

The caption behind Pearson Education’s glorious image is ‘Always Learning’. This emphasizes learning from any means available; whether if it is through partners, learners and teachers. A joint system is created which have a positive impact on the lives of learners. It is a process which revolves around conversation.

Pearson constantly attempts to determine the pinpoints of the journey and implement means to support them through a technological perspective. This entails the manner in which the product is designed, platforms chose to deliver the product, resource allocated to deliver the product and training required to those involved within the process. Everyone involved work closely as one ecosystem.

That is Pearson’s reason for glory. This strategy is called ‘working with the world’s greatest workers, with the world’s finest content’. When you have the world’s greatest minds to support the process, the output will naturally turn out beyond expected standards.

What are the links established with Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a critical component of this journey. It is a lucrative and equally important market. The Sri Lankan administration currently anchors the region to perfection, maintaining close links with countries like Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The contribution given by Sri Lanka is outstanding, in terms of profits ( on both top and bottom lines). The purpose of my visit is to figure out what more can be done to enhance this bond.

What’s the nature of the content of the product delivered?

Edexcel is an important product which is delivered. It’s been offered in Sri Lanka for over half a century. It is a game-changer for Pearson Education. It has a staggering demand, and the content of education is held with extreme regards. Considering the learner journey in recent times, it is evident that the missing piece which impedes the excellence of traditional qualifications is the application of what was learned to practical use. B-Tech is an application-oriented product which gives learners the ability to understand the concept, and the expertise to relate these concepts into good use.

Learner material is offered through digital media as well as physical products. From a self-learner’s point of view, both are important. Some prefer to browse through Ebooks, PDFs and other digital media while others require the fresh feel of the physical product to digest the knowledge.

Although famed as an educator, Pearson lacks physical classrooms. Its content is delivered through the aforementioned physical and digital content. This feature makes guides Pearson achieve its core philosophy of promoting learning from any destination throughout the globe.

What is the nature of the PTE Academic tests that are offered?

Countries demand English proficiency from those who wish to go abroad for studies or to emigrate. They are requested to take either IELTS, TOEFL or PTE tests. The Pearson Test of English, or the PTE in short, is a major component of countries like Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is turning out to be an extremely preferred option.

The difference which is brought to the table is the fact that this is a fully online testing system. Core skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be evaluated by the online system. It is a system introduced through heavy research, and the system keeps on updating itself after every test which is moderated. Human bias is eliminated since a machine gives the final evaluation result.

It is a three-hour session which can be booked online in advance. This makes the process more convenient. Results are delivered within 5 days. No additional charges are to be incurred for releasing the results. Pearson attempts to give a value-added product at every stage. It refuses to take advantage of financial restraints and challenges faced by its learners.

Share a glimpse of the great mind the scenes

The educators who prepare and deliver the content is very updated and seasoned. An educator becomes ineffective if the person isn’t in touch with learner requirements,  market requirements, technologies and when an active system for research is non-existent. Pearson recently published the ‘Future of Skills Report’ which forecast the skill requirement from a 2030 point of view. Whatever is done, is planned to the last detail, with a good time horizon taken into focus. The minds behind this are the finest which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Pearson has a Digital Advisory Network. Basically, Pearson doesn’t believe in the ideology of being a ‘know-it-all’. Those who believe as such could either turn out to be foolish, arrogant or in some instances, both. The sharpest minds in the digital domain give their contribution to ensure the delivery of the network. This helps improve the composition of a digital ‘anytime, anywhere’ learner journey.

How does Pearson Education eliminate language barriers?

Going vernacular is a completely different segment. Pearson is highly selective during the journey because the existing space in English is colossal and the fact that subject matters like Science and Mathematics is primarily driven on an English platform. The future strategy is to be a more regional focus. Possibilities of delivering content in a localized manner are being evaluated.

It is difficult to translate the product from one language to the other. It is easy to translate word to word, but the overall meaning would be drastically different. Added to that, the effects of the different dialects and local nuances can make the entire translation meaningless. Delivering an optimum localized product is the next part of the journey which is expected to be achieved within the foreseeable future.

What is Pearson Education’s digital presence?

A whole host of digital products are available. Pearson professional programs give technical skills like programming, AI and machine learning, digital marketing and financial technology. All the products have a digital interface. Defined URLs and links which direct learners to the product are available if one wishes to opt to go for a digital interface. Preparatory learning materials can be accessed online upon subscription. Pearson wishes to enhance its digital portfolio with every opportunity it gets.

What steps are taken to revamp the education system?

Attempts are made to make the learner journey more relevant and shortened in terms of time taken to acquire knowledge while maintaining the favourable impact. This is achieved by meta-tagging. A person who wishes to understand how a combustion engine works will be directed to the relevant topic, without giving exposure to the entire world of thermodynamics. Being focused reduces the time, and strain needed to figure out what is needed and to avoid what is in excess.

What gives Pearson Education the competitive edge?

Pearson has identified the needs of the learners through years of evaluations. It has close associations with the education systems of many countries. Organizations which actually know about its stakeholders have the best chances of dominating a market, and it is a fact that Pearson is well versed in what it’s stakeholders need and expect.

What is Pearson Education’s assurance to society? Impacting learner lives, by assisting to achieve learner outcomes is the core objective behind all the established agendas. There is a concept called ‘the half-life of knowledge’. It dictates that the time taken for half a person’s knowledge to go obsolete keeps on reducing. Therefore, one must keep on learning and practising what was learned, to preserve what could be lost. Pearson Education attempts to drive that mindset through the updated products which it delivers, making sure that the knowledge that is sought is relevant to the point of time in which it is learned.