Resolvers Club of Sri Lanka

“As a youth, this is our effort to nurture future leaders”, says Resolvers Club of Si Lanka

What is the Resolvers concept and motive?

The Resolvers movement is initiated by a group of undergraduates from Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT Sri Lanka), intending to groom young leaders who are grounded, enthusiastic, compassionate who have classroom knowledge and real-world experience, not afraid to step out of their comfort zones. The Resolvers movement is created based on four attributes; courage & daring, curiosity & continuous learning, empathy & value-based and passion. The Resolvers movement aims to bring out hidden social challenges that need public attention and awareness while suggesting resolutions to the possible social causes. This provides a more favourable and optimistic environment for future generations.

What is the uniqueness of the Resolvers?

The uniqueness of the movement is that it’s an autonomous student-run proactive movement designed and implemented by students while eradicating the conservative social, corporate, cultural, and hierarchical needs of an organization. The community is expanded based on self-initiation, compassion, empathy, and dedication, instead of elections and stereotypical entry requirements.

The project initiatives are chosen by club members on a need and impact basis. Voicing concerns about pollution in Sri Lanka and providing globally feasible solutions, raising awareness about female sanitation and provision of sanitary support, promoting veganism in Support of appropriate and ethical means of meat production and promoting psychological wellbeing during challenging times are among a few projects that were initiated by Resolvers.

Official Launch?

Being a year-old novel movement, the Resolvers movement was officially launched on 10h March 2022, introducing the Resolvers Club Bench consisting of 10 passionate leaders under the guidance of pillar leaders of the social responsibility pillar of APIIT Sri Lanka. These student leaders provide leadership to six different plateaus designed by themselves namely, Communication & Toolkits, Content and Visibility, Event Affairs, Creative Solutions, Membership, and Digital Services.

Future with Resolvers?

With the daring culture and curiosity, Resolvers will continue to seek solutions to social-environmental cultural problems that many are afraid to bring up, embarrassed to raise, or burdened to speak out. Every month, a signature effort will be made to resolve issues in our community, culture, nation, or planet, while nurturing the compassionate leaders to empathetically address them. The bravery and zeal of Resolvers to raise the awareness of concerns affecting humans, animals, and nature, will inspire the younger leaders to follow values-based upbringing and provide practical solutions.

Any student community, university, or youth entity can join the Resolvers Club by contributing their talents, visions, perspectives and introducing their own projects that they are passionate about, by visiting www.resolvers.Ik.

What is APIIT’s Role? As a private higher education provider inspiring a love for learning and aiming to revolutionize the education landscape, APIIT Sri Lanka supports the initiatives of young adults going beyond traditional education. Therefore, the Resolvers movement and the Resolvers Club originated by practical and empathetic undergraduate leaders, are undoubtedly Undergraduate leaders, are encouraged by APIIT Sri Lanka.

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