Overseas Nurses Carers Program in Australia

Ishaka Perera, first-ever Sri Lankan Nurse successfully joins the Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carers Program in Australia!

“Things seemed impossible for me until I was selected to join the Global Citizen Exchange Program -Overseas Nurses Carers Program.

 This is a program only offered by Key 2 Care Health Solutions in Australia. As part of the program, I was required to study the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support under Key 2 Learning, which is a subsidiary of Key 2 Care Health Solutions and I am now delighted that I’ll be leaving for Sydney, Australia very soon to complete my work placement as part of the course and also commence my one year paid work experience with my new employer, the Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution (RFBI), one of Australia’s best-aged care organisations.

Frank Price CEO of RFBI, Australia
Michael Bermejo, Director of Key 2 Care Health Solutions, Australia

David Samuel, CEO, Business Advisory Group
Devni Rajaratne, Founder of AnEducator & Director, Business Advisory Group
Nilesh Alston – Founder, Director & CEO of The Bridge Foreign Education
Harshini Samaratunga – Co-Founder & Managing Directress of The Bridge Foreign Education
Ishaka Perera, GCEP Candidate

I am further excited to receive a travel exemption granted to me by the Australian authorities, for which I am ever grateful. I have fulfilled a decade of the dream became a reality for me”, pointed out Ishaka Perera, a qualified nurse from Sri Lanka, and the first-ever to join the program and succeed during testing times.

Ishaka further mentioned, “The Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carers Program is ideally designed for nurses like me, and my desire to work in the aged care and health sector in Australia. I will also have the opportunity to work and experience life in Australia will enhance my work experience and leadership skills.

The Australian credentials and experience will open new opportunities. I wish to thank Mr Alston and Ms Samaratunga, Co-founders of The Foreign Education Consultancy who introduced me to this program and helped me throughout the process, the management of Key 2 Care Health Solutions, Key 2 Learning, Business Advisory Group, and Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution. I will mark my presence making this program even more attractive to those who may join me going forward and the professionalism I carry forward will make my country (Sri Lanka) proud. My patience, commitment and trust built during the tenure of the program made a big difference and will continue to – Theruvan Saranai”.

The Global Citizen Exchange Program (GCEP) – Overseas Nurses Carers Program is an initiative of Key 2 Care Health Solutions with Key 2 Learning College, Australia in collaboration with Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution, Australia, sponsored by AIESEC and supported by Business Advisory Group for Sri Lanka. The program is now open for 2021-22 for qualified Sri Lankan nurses.

Michael Bermejo, Director of Key 2 Care, the parent company of Key 2 Learning pointed out, “We are waiting to welcome Ishaka from Sri Lanka, and our ability to contextualize training helped her immensely.

We have experience in continuous improvement, management, workforce solutions, and service provision across a range of sectors in aged care, health, mental health, disability and education. Our highly qualified and experienced management team and trainers and assessors worked closely with our candidates. In this instance, I am delighted to welcome the first-ever Sri Lankan nurse Ishaka to be part of the Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carers Program to further enhance her skills, knowledge and importantly experience the Australian way of life by integrating with Australian and multicultural community in Australia”.

Nilesh Alston, Director CEO of The Bridge Foreign Education pointed out, “We are delighted that we supported Ishaka throughout the process.

 It is a great initiative to introduce and extend the Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carers Program to nurses in Sri Lanka. It is a fantastic opportunity and a great achievement by Ishaka. By working with our partners in the program to

promote in Sri Lanka, we saw a huge interest amongst the group, but perception about continuous border closure in Australia had an impact, but with the grant of visa and travel exemption to Ishaka, we could see how much Australia consider critical areas where health workers are in need.

There’s a positive outlook for the next intake to begin soon. We have a happy client, and have the privilege of placing the first-ever nurse from Sri Lanka to this program, and extend my gratitude to the collaborators”.

“We are extremely happy for Ishaka. We introduced the Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carer Program to her having recognised she was very talented, a quick learner, loyal and showed a positive attitude. As a first step, she completed the Cert III in Individual Support and patiently waited till her visa process was completed.

 We also had a great working relationship with the program collaborators in Australia and Sri Lanka. We are delighted that we are part of this achievement supporting the first event Sri Lankan nurse to succeed in the program and hope she will add more colours to the program”, mentioned Harshini Samaratunga, Co-Founder and Managing Directress of The Bridge Foreign Education.


An opportunity for bachelor or diploma qualified nurses, who wish to study, work and experience life in Australia as personal carers. The program enhances work experience and leadership skills in Australia and, candidates can use their Australian credentials and experience to open doors to international employment opportunities. Special sponsored visa for 12 months duration with unrestricted employment.

 Nurse applicants must be 18-30 years of age, will study for a Certificate III in Individual Support (3-months intensive online in Sri Lanka with mandatory 120-hours work placement in Australia). Candidates must have an IELTS of no band less than 5.5 in the academic stream. Upon completion of the course and mandatory placement, candidates will be offered the opportunity to gain paid work experience as personal carers in aged care facilities located in regional NSW, although other locations in Australia might be considered. A driving licence is highly desirable and Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory (vaccines approved by the Australian authorities).

Key 2 Care is partnering with AIESEC (the sponsor): AIESEC Australia Global Youth Exchange Program (Volunteer Program) is a special cultural exchange program managed by AIESEC Australia and approved by the Australian Government. The Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carers Program is an extension of the AIESEC Global Youth Exchange Program (Volunteer Program) and is specially designed for nurses that want to work in the aged care and health sectors.

AIESEC Australia has an agreement with Australian immigration for the reciprocal promotion of Youth activities for international youths and Australian youth.

The Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carers Program provides skillsets and support services that are in addition to the Global Youth Exchange Program. These additional skills and support services are essential to the success of the program and comprise as follows:

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support – is an entry-level qualification to work in aged care in Australia. The course will be delivered online by Key 2 Learning College for the theoretical component of the course and the 120 work placement of the course is conducted in Australia at leading Australian aged care organisations.

Accommodation and meals are included as part of the work placement. Candidates will also get support with the visa processing and lodgement which will be organised by a migration law firm in Australia. Candidates will also receive assistance in securing paid work experience with Australian leading aged care organisations including, and for a limited time only, 6 months free accommodation. The Global Citizen Exchange Program – Overseas Nurses Carers Program is an exclusive program offered only by Key 2 Care Health Solutions, Australia.


Nurses must undertake the designated courses and study requirements (CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support). They must be willing to work in regional NSW and/or rural areas of Australia to enhance their employment prospects, and they must comply with all visa requirements. Nurses must cooperate with AIESEC and Key 2 Care Health Solutions personnel at all times and must sign and adhere to all the requirements of the Global Citizen Exchange Program Candidate Agreement.


An Australian qualification is generally internationally recognised; as well the Australian health care system is considered one of the best in the world. Accordingly, Certificate III in Individual Support is considered an entry-level qualification in Australia to work as a personal carer or nursing aid.

A pathway qualification to other courses with Key 2 Learning College or any university subject to candidate demonstrating his/her genuinely as a student.

The course will be provided in an advanced format only for nurses and fully undertaken over 3-months virtually for the theoretical component of the course 3 days a week.

Thereafter, upon arrival in Australia, candidates shall undertake 1-week practical skills and 120 hours work placement (unpaid) at a leading Australian aged care facility. The full course outline including units of study will be provided to candidates prior to commencement of the program.


Nurses are entitled to work full time under the provision of the visa (38 hours a week). Key 2 Care Health Solutions will prepare a dossier of each nurse upon commencement of the program and promote the dossier across a network of aged care providers and meet and discuss work opportunities with nurses upon arrival in Australia and prior to or during the commencement of work placement activities.

Key 2 Care Health Solutions will assist nurses to facilitate interviews with aged care providers and other necessary assistance as part of the program and provide ongoing support for nurses during the 12-months program. Nurses can earn approximately AUD 26.50 per hour and work full time (38 hours per week). The hourly rate can increase significantly with overtime and shift loadings.


The Temporary Activity Visa (408) – Special Program – AIESEC Global Youth Program (Volunteer Program)’ is a visa that allows nurses to stay in Australia to take part in an approved special program. Special programs can include youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community programs, school language assistants or “gap year school volunteering”.

The AIESEC Global Youth Program (Volunteer Program) qualifies as an approved special program. The conditions of the 408 visa are outlined in the Australia immigration website: www.immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/temporary-activity-408

Some of the more relevant conditions are: Nurses must be 18-30 years of age, the stay is limited to 12 months and Nurses can work full time during the stay. Nurses must be supported or sponsored and must have an invitation to participate in a special program.

Nurses must abide by all the conditions of the visa including participating in AIESEC cultural workshops and related training activities. Nurses must meet the Genuine Temporary Entrance and financial requirements to live in Australia as part of the visa application process.


Gain an internationally recognised qualification in aged care, one of the most in-demand occupations worldwide. Learn high in-demand skills and improve your English communication skills.

Experience Australia and open a gateway to new opportunities in Australia and worldwide. Earn and learn during your stay in Australia. Further your international and education career. Experience a new culture, make new friends and visit exciting new places. Apply to become an Australian registered nurse if you meet the underlying criteria. Be fully supported in all these activities by Key 2 Care Health Solutions.

BUSINESS ADVISORY GROUP / An Educator in Sri Lanka have been appointed as Key 2 Care’s and Key 2 Learning’s exclusive partner in Sri Lanka and the program has been promoted through approved partners. For more details, please contact David Samuel, Director/CEO, Business Advisory Group. Email: David.Samuel@bizzadvisorygroup.com.au; Contact: +94 772 16 77 00