JCU College Diploma Launch with scholarships of up to 25%!

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JCU College has officially launched its pathway diplomas designed for students who miss out on direct entry to James Cook University and want a fast track to the second year of an undergraduate degree. To coincide with the launch, scholarships of up to 25% will be available in 2020 for Diplomas in Engineering, Science, Technology and Health (Nursing).

Classes are small and students receive ample individual attention to ensure they understand all key information. JCU College Principal Clare Magee says “we have very high expectations for our students and to ensure they meet our expectations, we offer high levels of support in language, maths and academic areas.”

Another unique feature of JCU College is the truly diverse backgrounds of students that means students have a rich international and cross-cultural experience. In 2018 the College graduate students from 14 different countries, interestingly, the biggest single national group was Japanese students who made up 19% of students. Ms Magee said “When there is no majority group, it means everyone is curious about each other and values learning about each other’s culture. It is also a huge advantage for students learning in a foreign language to have peers from around the world. To learn effectively, students need to be happy and confident, that is why the JCU College courses include structured social activities, supervised homework and study sessions with teachers on hand to help as students’ develop the skills for success at an Australian University.

It is no wonder that there has been a great demand for places in the new Diploma of Science at JCU College, from this program students can go directly to the second year of a Bachelor of Science with a choice of majors in Marine Biology, Zoology& Ecology, Aquaculture Science and Technology and Earth Science. The starting salary for JCU science graduates is nearly 25% above the national average so this career path is perfectly suited to people looking for a financially secure future filled with of discovery, adventure and exploration. https://www.universityrankings.com.au/graduate-startingsalaries.html

The JCU College Diploma of Engineering provides new options for aspiring engineers, giving them the freedom to choose from majors in Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Electronic Systems and Internet of Things or Mechanical. Across all engineering disciplines, JCU graduates are in high demand, with more than 90 per cent of those graduates finding employment or ongoing study before they even graduate! ( https://www.jcu.edu.au/news/releases/2018/march/jcus-engineering-graduates-in-highdemand)

Studying a combination of the diploma and bachelor technology courses will instil practical technology skills and an invaluable capacity for critical thinking and creativity. The new Diploma of Technology will place students at the cutting edge of innovation in Data Science or the Internet of Things. JCU has built partnerships with Huawei and many other businesses within the technology industry. This allows JCU students to get real industry experience while they learn, building their portfolio and their skills so that they are well-equipped for work after graduating.

Designed specifically with the needs of international students in mind, all of the diplomas include a 200 hour English for Academic Purposes program that meets the English language direct entry requirements of their destination degree.


Aquaculture farming is poised to provide a major component of the world’s food supply by producing fish, crustaceans, molluscs, algae, sea vegetables and fish eggs, for food, research, sport, bait and aquariums. JCU’s own Aquarium Complex in Townsville and JCU Orpheus Island Research Station in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park provide both practical and research experience. You’ll learn from JCU’s internationally-recognised staff and benefit from their direct links with international researchers, the aquaculture industry and peak industry bodies. Industry placements will help you begin building your own industry networks.


To give you broad career options when you graduate, you can study a multidisciplinary curriculum with one or more Majors according to your own interests. Learn to measure and record environmental features. Study, assess and develop methods to control or minimise the harmful effects of human activity on the environment. Gain skills in managing soil and contaminated land, group water assessments, mine environment management, and waste planning. Through scientific assessment, learn to develop cost-effective and innovative techniques to provide solutions for environmental management.


At JCU you’ll study among some of the world’s most diverse and precious marine habitats, with access to reefs, mangroves, sandy beaches, mud banks and seagrass beds – all within 1-2 hours from campus. You’ll explore how marine plants and animals interact with their environment, how living marine resources are affected by human-introduced variables, and how oceans and atmosphere interact.


Grasp the opportunity to start contributing to research that addresses real-world problems as you study. Be part of studies that address complex local and global tropical issues like deforestation, infrastructure expansion, habitat fragmentation, overhunting, invasive species and other environmental perils. Explore biosecurity and invasive species, behavioural ecology, conservation biology, and ecological modelling. Study a wide range of species including all higher-order kingdoms – animals, plants and fungi.


Help makes our cities, suburbs, towns and countryside better places to live. Learn how to design timber, steel and concrete structures. Study with leading professional engineers. Meet visiting industry professionals and learn from experts in their fields. Study course subjects such as Catchment, Stream and Lake Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Analysis and Design, Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering, Civil Engineering Design and more.


Start your studies getting a firm grasp of the fundamentals – Engineering, Computing, Process Engineering, Mathematical Techniques, Physics and more, while at the same time experience JCU’s world-class tools and facilities. From Year 2, progress to explore topics that will expand your career options, including Electronics, Power Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Automatic Control Systems, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design and more.


Study with JCU’s skilled and passionate technology and electronics experts. Learn the skills needed in areas like urban transport, medical devices, household appliances, wearable technologies, home electronics, cars, heart monitoring implants and a whole lot more. Study subject topics including Sensor Technologies, Networking and Data Communications, Cloud Computing, Digital Signal Processing, Information Security and more.


Get the skills required for a career in industries as diverse as mining, minerals processing, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, aviation, aerospace, bulk handling, communications, health, building, electrical power generation and distribution, water and waste, natural gas distribution, road transport, rail transport, shipping, shipbuilding, defence, agriculture, forestry, fishing and food processing – the list goes on.


The Diploma of Technology pathway will allow you to enter the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Data Science or entry into the Bachelor of Technology and Innovation.


Gain data and analytics skills that are highly sought-after in every industry – from government departments to internet start-ups and financial institutions. Build your understanding of data science and learn the tools of the trade, including advanced statistical modelling, data mining, machine learning, linear algebra, and data visualisation.
Scholarships of up to 25% will be available in 2020 for Diplomas in Engineering, Science, Technology and Health (Nursing).
For more details and further queries, please contact Devni Rajaratne Founder / Managing Director AnEducator (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka. E:aneducator.sl@gmail.com