The current pandemic has elevated the significance of legal rules for governmental and corporate entities, to devise legal norms and strategies to address the current global political and economic problems. This in turn has led to the need for legal professionals to offer the requisite solution to these issues.

Given this context, Horizon Campus, acknowledged as a leader in professional legal education for aspiring and prospective lawyers, having developed some of the best legal minds in the country through the quality of their teaching that has been recognized by the legal profession, recently launched their 10th intake for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB)degree from the University of London.

Speaking at the launch Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr K. Ruwan Perera stated, “This degree is timely in an era of accelerating crises when businesses and societies are increasingly turning to the law for solutions. Trade, investment, and the globalization of institutions and international commercial arbitration are huge areas that were not significant in the past but are now a larger issue. Then there’s the new generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for lawyers to keep pace with their industries faster than ever before and we are keen to support our learners to become high quality, legal practitioners who can add value to these pressing issues.”

Blending both theory and practice, the degree provides students with a unique set of skills and experiences to successfully practice law, with a curriculum that enables students to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of the formulation and resolution of legal problems, an enquiring, logical and critical approach to legal analysis and legal research and a thorough knowledge of corporate and financial law to meet the challenges of the global economy.

Currently delivered Online due to the prevailing conditions of the Covid Pandemic, Horizon’s teaching framework is relevant and demanding and facilitated by leading academics and professional practitioners with industry experience.

The blended degree program comprises live lectures and tutorial sessions that explore the principles of law and gives an understanding of its role in governing the relations between the individual, the state, and society. Through discussion and debate, written assignments and presentations, students develop the ability to communicate in a clear and effective way, sharpen their powers of reasoning, and gain the technical expertise to solve legal problems.


Key personnel of Horizon Campus at the launch ceremony



The Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.J.B.A. Jayasekera noted “Our critical points of strength are our student success rate of the last 9 batches and our track record of over 90% of our students finding work upon completing their course. This stems from drawing strength from the vast interdisciplinary resources of our distinguished faculty, where our students who complete their degree are trained to be work-ready and are geared to engage with the world’s most challenging issues across borders, jurisdictions, subject matters, sectors, and industries.

Equipping students with an in-depth understanding of key legal principles within the political, social and economic context in which the law operates, Horizon Campus as a practice-oriented, forward-thinking institute ensures that through this degree, their graduates are armed with strong legal skills that give them the knowledge, tools and experience that will make them ready for a rewarding career as a legal professional.

As well as developing in-depth legal knowledge and academic skills, there is also a strong emphasis on experiential learning and legal education for professional practice and the enhancement of professional career prospects. Therefore, this degree is the first step on the journey to becoming a Solicitor, Barrister or Legal professional in the corporate sector.