Highly Dangerous Branded Poison

The entire world is constantly chasing after happiness, so much so that they have become so attached to certain things that they believe are sources of happiness. There are millions of women who finish up their work very quickly just to take a seat in front of the television to watch the three dramas that they are so interested in. They invest nearly two hours at a stretch including thirty minutes to do an analysis on the good and bad of the characters which might either make them happy or angry. Nevertheless, there are very good dramas and TV shows that are rich in learning about life, motivating and educating oneself.

What we must ask ourselves is, are the dramas we watch of a contributive calibre or are they just branded poison, which can kill our focus and ability to live in the reality. Are they killing the time and energy that we can invest in our families or on a productive cause that will bring forth a rich harvest? Many of these TV programs are deviating us towards a dream world. Therefore, our entire generation is converted into dreamers who are too lazy to take adequate action. You cannot give life to a dream if it is not taken through an implementation process. These silent killers that I label as ‘Branded Poison’ influence people to deviate from an action-oriented lifestyle to a dreamy lifestyle. 

It is indeed sad to see that even after watching these dramas for many hours at a stretch, people wake up the following day with the same or even worse struggles and miseries. It depicts that the avenues of happiness they have chosen are merely paper boats, that are unable to assist them through their real-life journey. It is even worse to see that this very path they are so attached to, makes their blood boil, and even steals away a considerable number of hours from their sleep. 

Yesterday, I was having a casual conversation with the most respected person in my life. He started discussing politics, with all due respect I suggested that we should stop, as it is not going to bring any happiness to either of us, instead it’ll make us angry and miserable. People consider alcohol, drugs, gambling and sexual immorality as brutal killers. Yet, we must not forget that there are soft killers that come in branded packages that have the ability to destroy our happiness slowly and steadily whilst forcing us to a miserable end. People are so entangled with dramas and other series which offer them a temporary elevated life that will only offer them misery in the long term.

Gossiping is another juicy fruit for many. People who are addicted to it spend almost one-fourth of their lives gossiping about others. Gossiping tends to tell you that you are just fine the way you are as there are many more in worse situations than you. Every time you gossip it acts as a justification of your declined state. Gossiping will never elevate your personality, as it is constantly interested in degrading others personalities, thereby they feel good about their weaknesses. Gossiping deprives us of focusing on ourselves as we are addicted to focusing on others.

The moment you lose focus on yourself you are going to lose the battle. Many onlookers get into accidents merely by trying to observe an accident in the street. It is high time we focus on ourselves and set aside others. Do not allow gossiping to take over your focus. It is yet another silent killer that has the ability to destroy your development. There are certain people that I discourage to speak with me as I have understood that all they possess is a venomous tongue and a discriminating heart.

If you honestly love someone and if you feel that they are mature enough to accept their weakness then go ahead and tell it to their face and not to the world. There is a possibility that they may misunderstand you, but it will allow your conscience to be at peace as you have attempted to prevent them from being destroyed due to that weakness.

Procrastination is another silent killer. People nurture the seeds of postponement until procrastination becomes a gigantic tree in their lives. Procrastination does not pop up from anywhere, it is something that grows within a person slowly. My son Joshua has been taught to wash his own plate and clean up the place after his meal.  We do so because the moment you clean your child’s room, he forgets to do it. By doing so you are watering the seeds of postponement in your child’s life. The moment you encourage your child to skip the exam this year and do it next year, you are fertilising the seed of postponement in his life.

The moment you turn off the alarm and decide to sleep for another 10 minutes or more, you are watering the seeds of postponement. Postponement is a massive silent killer. Therefore, uproot it from your life immediately, challenge your decisions. Whenever you postpone something, you are assassinating an opportunity you are given to grow. By skipping your workout session, you are assassinating your opportunity to be healthy. Postponing your studies today will assassinate your opportunity of becoming a doctor tomorrow.

Social media can also become another silent killer unless it is used intelligently. Scrolling through your Facebook page from top to bottom would do no good to you other than making you either sad, mad, jealous, angry or frustrated. You are wasting a tremendous amount of your precious time just to peep into others lives. Work hard towards transforming your life to be happy without peeping into others lives to know how happy they are. FB can sometimes be similar to making a hole in your neighbour’s wall and peeping into their lives from morning to night.

Even though you may not realise, by doing so you are just wasting your fuel circling around in congested traffic. I do comprehend that we cannot live our lives disconnected from society, but we also need to understand that we cannot thrive in life by stirring up others’ garbage dumps. We are born to harvest and cultivate in our own gardens.

People who extensively live and breathe on FB tend to ignore cultivating their lands as they are busier in stirring others’ garbage yards. Well, if you are keen on learning about innovations, market intelligence, lifestyle changes, world news, industrial knowledge or any other aspect there are enough and more platforms that offer numerous resources that you could conveniently derive an abundance of knowledge.

In my view, Isolation is the next silent killer. Many people are afraid to face others hence they choose to camouflage themselves in isolation. Those who are afraid of being rejected choose to isolate themselves. When I was very young, I had a great fear of people. I always thought they would reject me for who I am. The only way to overcome rejection is to transform yourself from the person you are to the person you want to be. Today, everybody bids to associate me but I am selective in whom I associate, as too much of anything is not too good at all.

Just as you are cautious about the hard killers in life, why not be vigilant and conscious of the branded poisons that can kill you softly. If your mind is corrupted then you will be wasted easily. There are many people in this society who are not physically able yet they are very strong mentally. If you are not mentally fit it becomes an obstacle to perform in this highly challenging life. Therefore, think thrice and not just twice about the activities that you engage yourself in, in order to obtain happiness.  For comments: philipnehri@chandanalepa.lk / voice: 0779 526 496