ICON Business School has proven itself as a leading ACCA Tuition Provider, with a history of delivering excellent results, currently holding the record of producing some of the highest numbers of Top ACCA Affilates in Sri Lanka.

Having seen exponential growth since their commencement over three years ago, ICON business school has in place an experienced lecture panel who are known to have consistently met the highest standards in delivering quality education, combining their first-hand industry experience with continuous professional development to equip students with the necessary skills to adapt to the changing requirements in the field of finance. This team has been instrumental in producing the current portfolio of top ACCA affiliates in the country that comprise Humaira Hafeez as the top affiliate in June 2018, Sandaruwan Premaratna for September 2018, Ashwika Lineshwaran for December 2018, Azeeza Yaseen for September 2019, and Tharindhi Jayawardena for December 2020.

The Promotors of ICON Business School said, “student success is at the forefront of everything we do and we have put a very solid framework of resources to support our students in their journey in achieving the ACCA qualification. This entails ensuring that our students during the tuition phase, concentrate on grasping the basics in-depth and then on the revision phase, mastering in handling exam-style questions and exam techniques. This in turn has led to our students always performing well above world standards in exams. We are very proud of our ACCA Affiliates who are the testament for our hard work and epitomizes our vision of producing top finance professionals to uplift the standards of the finance talent available in Sri Lanka “.

Sandaruwan Premaratna

Ashwika Lineshwaran

Humaira Hafeez

Humaira Hafeez

In addition to these achievements, ICON holds the ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner (ALP) status, a formal recognition that ACCA awards to leading tuition providers for providing high-quality tuition and support to ACCA students as well as achieving pass rates in par with the worldwide pass rates.

ICON has also implemented a Learning Management System(LMS) that allows them to create a supportive and enriching learning experience for students, as well as gather and analyze data to monitor their progress. This advanced system has benefitted their current students by contributing to helping them learn and access classwork, assignments and relevant study material from anywhere at any time, thereby driving deeper learning. Designed with quick, easy individualized learning and feedback systems, flexible grading schemes and sophisticated dashboards that deliver real-time learning progress, it has empowered lecturers to fast-track the creation and delivery of innovative learning experiences to support student engagement and course completion. This means that each of ICON’s career-focused programs is designed to meet the individual needs of each student, through academic analysis and flexible study options. This system has been instrumental in playing a key role in helping lecturers understand the individual capabilities of students and in helping them achieve their best in terms of their ACCA studies.

Ms Nilusha Ranasinghe, Head of ACCA Sri Lanka stated, “we’re extremely pleased with the achievements and expertise of ICON Business School, who as one of our key tuition providers, have leveraged ACCA’s vision of developing the global accounting and finance professionals that organizations need to navigate their businesses in these challenging times.” Armed with their journey of successes, ICON looks forward to continuing its quest of helping to equip students with all the necessary knowledge, skills and the appropriate exam techniques to facilitate learning that will result in exceptional exam success.