Excelsia College, Sydney presents the world’s first ‘Global Online Music Audition’ for aspiring future musicians!

Excelsia College, Sydney helps their students to leap into their creativity by providing technical, artistic and analytical training required to become professional musicians, songwriters or singers,

Having a strong educational ethos firmly built into its foundations, Excelsia College believes each student who walks through its doors is a unique individual who requires their own tailored approach of care and support to help unlock their full potential and flourish in their chosen profession. With culturally diverse staff, students from all backgrounds are made to feel welcomed and included on campus.

World’s First ‘Global Online Music Audition’ – Excelsia College School of Creative and Performing Arts presents the world’s first online music audition for young and aspiring students wanting to have a career in music, songwriting or singing. The live audition will have a great line up of teachers from Excelsia College and industry experts to encourage and build confidence in students participating in the audition. We encourage students to register in advance and ready to perform to their highest expectation. Excelsia College’s objective is to inspire students from Sri Lanka and globally to demonstrate their attitude as a person with artistic talents and boost their confidence as top-performer.

Bobby Abraham, Chief Admissions, Global Engagement & Partnerships
David Samuel, International Marketing Consultant, Excelsia College
Dr Lotte Latukefu, Head School of Creative & Performing Arts, Excelsia College

“I am proud of Excelsia’s high-quality teachers, who are internationally renowned musicians, composers and researchers. Excelsia has remained committed to one-to-one instrumental and vocal teaching. It is also one of the few institutions still offering an opportunity to study a second instrument. Our collaborations give our students opportunities to perform and network with musicians outside the institution. The range of small ensembles we offer means that students can experience making music in many different genres, ranging from classical, contemporary, jazz, funk, rock, heavy metal to chamber music. We look forward to having many young students from Sri Lanka to be part of the online music audition”― Dr Lotte Latukefu, Head of Creative and Performing Arts, Excelsia College, Sydney.

“I am excited to announce and introduce this initiative to meet and experience talents from Sri Lanka and I wish many students will express interest to participate. Excelsia College in addition to having great teaching and industry fraternity, offer music program with state of the art teaching and practicing facilities ranging from small studios, purpose build classrooms to technical labs and theatre spaces. I believe an opportunity of this stature will keep us close to the world” – Bobby Abraham, Chief of Admissions, Global Engagement and Partnerships, Excelsia College, Sydney.

“This is a much awaited announcement from Excelsia College, and it is globally known music unites people of different backgrounds, and to many it’s the soundtrack to their lives. It is wonderful to have young students from Sri Lanka to participate and be competitive to be offered a placement at Excelsia College to pursue Bachelor of Music with scholarships on offer for the deserving talents. I look forward to this” – David Samuel, International Marketing Consultant, Excelsia College, Sydney.


  • Interested students between the age 18-23 or completed Year 13 or equivalent.
  • Students shall provide proof of their identity at the time of registration e.g. National Identity Card or Passport Bio Page. Please submit a scanned copy.
  • Must register before 30 April 2021 their interest to participate by emailing: david.samuel@excelsia.edu.au ;   student.campaign@excelsia.edu.au
  • The online music audition will determine placement for studying Bachelor of Music at Excelsia College, Sydney.
  • Students shall meet academic and English requirements to be offered a placement and scholarship in addition to being successful in audition. Willing to undertake studies in Australia by meeting all academic and GTE requirements.
  • Once registered, students will be sent with ‘check-list and preparation requirements’ via registered email.
  • A band performance will be considered as one performance however the individual performers may express their interest to be assessed.
  • Language: English (if done in local language then provides explanation of the performance). Contestants can submit their videos directly or via Excelsia College channel partners in Sri Lanka.

The selection criteria will be based on the performance however, since this is also about studying in Australia there are academic standards that needs to be met by students. Few among the selected ones will also be provided with the scholarship of up to AUD$ 15,000 for the entire duration of the course.

The Head of School for Performing Arts and an Independent Judge (well- known artist) will be in the judging panel. Audition for Sri Lanka will be held during the week 24th to 31st May 2021.

For further details and application assessment, please contact: David Samuel, International Marketing Consultant, email: david.samuel@excelsia.edu.au

Call: 0774 – 963386

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