Celebrating MAD Grads The Future Of Thinkers And Innovators In Sri Lanka

Miami Ad School Sri Lanka & Maldives’ inaugural programmes were launched in late 2020 – the Strategy and Social Media Bootcamps. Both 12-week high-intensity immersions into the power of insights, psychographically mapping the world, converting thoughts into plans and plans into experiences that ignite the theatre of the mind with possibilities – and building brands and causes into the cultural phenomenons they can become.

Since its inception, these maverick programmes have mirrored, celebrated and in ways, elevated, their original global pedigrees. Curated with timely, relevant modules that are adapted in real-time to learning needs. Conducted by best-in-class practitioners of strategy and social media across a multitude of industries. Steadily producing the next waves of innovative thinkers and content creators as it has for years now. M.AD SL & Maldives is privileged and proud to present a year of graduates – the first from Sri Lanka. A class apart in their diversity, versatility, inclusivity and representation of creative thinking in South Asia today. They stand alongside hundreds of graduates from Miami Ad School’s 15 other international campuses, including New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Mumbai, Berlin and Miami.