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Excel in Your Higher Studies with Academic English

Have you studied in the Sinhala or Tamil language and are switching over to the English medium for your higher studies?

Whatever your level of English may be, English for higher studies, or “Academic English” as it is called, is specialised.

As you compete in the globalised environment using the English medium, it is important to master Academic English. You need to express yourself and bring out your unique thoughts effectively, in order to excel in your chosen field of study in the English medium.

You need Academic English to read and understand your study material, and to write your tutorials, assignments, research papers and answers at your exams. You will also need to be able to conduct presentations effectively.

The internet is inundated with material on every subject. However, it is important to pick credible material from credible sources for reference. It is also important for you to think critically and form your own perspective on the topics.


Copy-pasting from the internet or plagiarism and presenting such material as one’s own is considered a serious offence by universities and institutes of education all over the world, including Sri Lanka. Software is freely available to detect plagiarism. Hence this is not something that any student should attempt. Getting others to edit or rewrite your submission will take you nowhere on the long run. Eventually, to succeed in your career, you will have to stand on your own feet.

The only way to succeed in communicating in the English medium is to improve your Academic English skills.


Much of Academic English is about expressing the relationship between ideas. Although the language may be more complex than in everyday English, good academic writers aim to be as clear, precise and simple as possible. They think about what their readers know already, and aim to guide them towards less familiar areas and topics.

Academic subjects vary in their vocabulary and expressions, the types of text used (for instance essays, reports, research articles or summaries) and how these texts are structured and organized. However, there are fundamental rules that one needs to adhere to when using English for academic purposes.

The Rainbow Institute, a centre of excellence in training in Public Speaking, Soft Skills and English, is committed to help you. We have developed a high impact curriculum based on international norms to equip students with the required skills in Academic English


Like in all our courses, our Academic English programme too is practical and activity-based to enhance the development of skills. Having started online training in March 2020, we have tried and tested methodology for online learning to provide personalised attention to ensure you develop your skills and knowledge effectively.  

Students will learn to think critically, read and analyse texts, write effectively for academic purposes, sort out and arrange information, structure essays, compile assignments and reports, and make powerful presentations.


This training provides personalized coaching of two hours per week over a duration of 30 hours.   As sessions are limited to small numbers, each participant gets individual attention and is guided to bring out the best of his or her own distinctive strengths.


The empowerment programmes at Rainbow Institute are directed by eminent University academic, trainerand mentor of young people – Dr. Mahim Mendis.

Dr. Mendis has a Phd (NUS) Singapore., MA (Lancaster) UK; Phil (Leicester) UK and BA (Hons); Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. He is also a Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of Northern Illinois, USA and University of Massachusetts, USA.

Dr. Mahim Mendis, a product of St Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, has been mentoring and teaching in Sri Lanka and abroad for three decades. Dr. Mendis, the former Spokesman of the Federation of University Teachers Associations (FUTA), is well known as a powerful public speaker. 

He is supported by dynamic trainers with high credentials and international exposure. They are now ready to bring about a life changing turning point for a brighter future.

Book your place NOW! Call Yashasmi on 077 857 0897 or Lovelyn on 077 509 0400 or 011 438 0400 for further information and join a small group class or receive individual coaching for Academic English or other training which suits your specific needs and convenience.  

You can also arrange for an individual guidance session with Dr. Mendis to discuss the best options available locally or internationally, for successful higher education with bright career prospects, maximizing your talents and interests. 

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