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Required results - O/L LOWER SECONDARY (11 - 13 YEARS) For children born in 2006, 2007 or 2008. Our lower secondary learner course will improve your child's vocabulary and grammar skills, and develop their confidence with English. MIDDLE SECONDARY (14 - 15 YEARS) For children born in 2004 or 2005. Our middle secondary course can give your child that all-important competitive edge and will help your child work more independently and confidently in group environments. UPPER SECONDARY (16 - 17 YEARS) For children born in 2002 or 2003. Our Upper Secondary courses are specifically aimed at our older teenage students (16-17 years). We are pleased to announce that from the start of Session 3 this year we will be moving to Secondary Plus which is our global product for secondary students. These are customised courses to enable students who have just completed their O - Levels to continue studying with us. Therefore at the beginning of the year students study with us for more hours and move to a once week option once they resume school. Each Upper Secondary course is similar to our other Young Learner courses as it is a year-long course. The Secondary Plus course materials aim to develop effective and independent language learners via a methodology which encourages students to prepare, implement and regulate their learning with the guidance of their teacher. This will involve students adopting a pro-active attitude and approach towards their learning where they conduct pre-lesson tasks and research in order to maximise learning time and adopt a questioning approach in the classroom. Learning outcomes are clearly communicated to students so that they actively work towards which increases engagement and motivation. In addition, our Upper Secondary courses are designed to help students develop and enhance the skills needed to use English confidently in different social settings. We also emphasise skills required for higher education such as making presentations and writing essays expressing opinions. We believe that enabling students to express themselves confidently is important as they prepare for their future. Our older teenagers are strongly encouraged to take ownership of their learning through a variety of activities enhanced by project work and other guided tasks. These focus on enhancing their speaking and writing skills to better equip them as they prepare to take their first steps into higher education or work towards their dream job.
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Time Duration 40 hours
Lecture dates and time

* Term 1 and 2 will be 40 hours each.

* Term 3, 4 and 5 will be 20 hours each

LOWER AND MIDDLE SECONDARY TERM DATES * Term 1 7 January to 5 April 2020 * Term 2 25 May to 14 August 2020 * Term 3 25 August to 19 December 2020 UPPER SECONDARY Session Dates * Session 1 7 January to 4 March 2020 * Session 2 6 March to 22 May 2020 * Session 3 25 May to 24 July 2020 * Session 4 25 August to 19 October 2020 * Session 5 23 October to 19 December 2020

Qualification from (University/ Taff) British Council
Fees informations Course - Lower Secondary (11 - 13 YEARS)

* Colombo - Rs. 20,000 × 6 instalments
* Kandy - Rs. 20,000 × 6 instalments
* Jaffna - Rs. 18,500 × 6 instalments
* Matara - Rs. 20,000 × 6 instalments

Course - Middle Secondary (14 - 15 YEARS)

* Colombo - Rs. 20,000 × 6 instalments
* Kandy - Rs. 20,000 × 6 instalments
* Jaffna - Rs. 18,500 × 6 instalments
* Matara - Rs. 20,000 × 6 instalments

Course - English for Secondary

Colombo - Rs. 42,000
Kandy - Rs. 42,000
Matara - Rs. 42,000

Course - English for Secondary

Colombo - Rs. 25,000
Kandy - Rs. 25,000
Matara - Rs. 25,000

Instalment payments
If you possess a Commercial Bank Credit Card you can pay the fees via the 0% interest easy payment plan. Please contact our customer services for more information.

Discount and offers
If you register your child for 3 consecutive terms at once you will be entitled to a discount. Please contact our customer services for more information.

*Please note that the multi-term discount scheme and the family discount scheme cannot be used together.

If more than one child (siblings from the same family) are following the Young Learner course with the British Council, they are entitled to a special family discount. Please see below the information on how the discount works.

No of children Discount available
1st child
No discount

2nd child
10% discount*

3rd child
20% discount*

*Term and conditions :

This offer is valid for each Term and is for siblings in Young Learner classes only
All children should be studying in the same term
Please produce birth certificates of all your children studying with us to receive this discount. If you have already given us birth certificates, please disregard.
Late submissions of birth certificates will not be accepted
The family discount scheme and the multi-term discount scheme cannot be used together.
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Locations Colombo Kandy Matara

* Project-based - Apply language skills whilst working on real-world projects
* Core life skills development - Develop critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and problem-solving skills
* Independent learning - Learn to express opinions openly and think independently
* Language skills development - During each module, the student works on a variety of speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises to learn a new language.
* Real-world learning - Each module focuses on subjects that are relevant to teenagers and cover real-world topics that affect people on a global scale.

Double Major Options

Free activities
In addition to your child's course, we have optional fun activities exclusively for our Young Learners.

* Short film discussions
* Game show for kids
* Music lessons

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