Construction Planning

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Reasons for Project Planning

* Setting realistic time frames for the project
* Establishing standards
* Aiding control during project- monitoring performance
* Reviewing progress
* Dealing with construction risks
* Devising safe working methods

Key steps in planning a Project

* Getting a feel of the Project
* Establishing key project dates
* Establishing key events or activities
* Assessing the time length of activities
* Establishing the sequence
* Deciding the appropriate programming techniques to be used

Construction planning- stages

* Designing stage
* Pre -Tender Stage
* Pre –Contract Stage
* Contract Stage

Reasons for Pre -Tender Planning

Reasons for Pre – Contract Planning

Reasons for Contract Planning

Developing Check lists

* Developing Check list for Designing stage
* Developing Check list for Pre -Tender Stage
* Developing Check list for Pre –Contract Stage
* Developing Check list for Contract Stage

Outputs of each construction planning stage

* Designing stage – Project Master Schedule
* Pre-Tender Stage – Pre Tendering Program, Tender risk assessment
* Pre – Contract Stage – Master Program ,Target Program, Sub contractor program & Procurement Program, Risk assessment
* Contract Stage – Stage program, Short term program, As- Built program

Lead time

* Introduction
* Making due allowances for the “Lead Time” in the Project Master Schedule

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

* Methods of presenting WBS

Programming Techniques

* Bar charts
* Linked Bar Charts
* Arrow Diagrams
* Precedence Diagrams
* Line of balance Diagrams

Basic principles of each of the above techniques

Special advantages of each of the above techniques

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