BSc (Hons) in Information Technology Specialising in Data Science

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Required results - A/L Any - Passes in three subjects (in any subject stream) at the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination (Sri Lanka / London) in one and the same sitting, and a pass at the Aptitude Test conducted by SLIIT. To progress from the second year to the third year of the program, a student must pass all the modules up to the second year and maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.7
Required results - O/L -

February / June / September

Time Duration 4 Years
Lecture dates and time

Examinations : Weekdays / Weekends

Qualification from (University/ Taff) SLIIT
Fees informations The fee is presently Rs 215,000 per semester for the first two years and Rs. 240,000 per semester for the final two years. Fees for any subsequent semester should be paid prior to the commencement of each semester. This all inclusive fee is charged to cover lectures, tutorials and examinations and access to computer laboratory facilities and library.
Fees - Annually -
Fees - Per Semester -
Fees - Per Month -
Fees - Per Subject -
Locations Malabe Colombo Matara Kandy Kurunegala

1st YEAR

Semester 1

IT 1010 Introduction to Programming 04
IT 1020 Introduction to Computer Systems 04
IT 1030 Mathematics for Computing 04
IT 1040 Communication Skills 03

Semester 2

IT 1050 Object Oriented Concepts 02
IT 1060 Software Process Modeling 03
IT 1080 English for Academic Purposes 03
IT 1090 Information Systems and Data Modeling 04
IT 1100 Internet and Web Technologies 04

2nd YEAR

Semester 1

IT2020 Software Engineering 04
IT2030 Object Oriented Programming 04
IT2040 Database Management Systems 04
IT2050 Computer Networks 04
IT2060 Operating Systems and System Administration 04

Semester 2

IT2010 Mobile Application Development 04
IT2070 Data Structures and Algorithms 04
IT2080 IT Project 04
IT2090 Professional Skills 02
IT 2110 Probability and Statistics 03
IT2100 Employability Skills Development –Seminar (Non-GPA) 01

3rd YEAR

IT3030 Programming Applications and Frameworks 04
IT3011 Theory and Practices in Statistical Modelling 04
IT3021 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence 04
IT3031 Database Systems and Data-Driven Application 04
IT3060 Information Retrieval and Web Analytics 04
IT3051 Fundamentals of Data Mining 04
IT3061 Massive Data Processing and cloud Computing 04
IT3071 Machine Learning and Optimization Methods 04
IT3110 Industry Placement (Non-GPA) 08

4th YEAR

IT4010 Research Project 16
IT4070 Preparation for the Professional World (Non GPA) 02
IT4011 Database Administration and Storage Systems 04
IT4021 Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics 04
IT4031 Visual Analytics and User Experience Design 04
IT4041 Introduction to Information Security Analytics 04

Double Major Options -
Career paths

* Big Data Engineer
* Data Analyst
* Data Scientist
* Business Intelligence Engineer
* Software Engineer
* Data Architect
* Database Administrator
* Consultant, Business Analytics
* Machine Learning Engineer
* Big Data Application Developer
* Data Science Specialist

SLIIT- Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology
Academic centers SLIIT - Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology
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