BSc (Hons) in Financial Mathematics and Applied Statistics

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June / September

Time Duration 4 Years
Lecture dates and time


Qualification from (University/ Taff) SLIIT
Fees informations The fee is presently Rs. 215,000 per semester. Fees for any subsequent semester should be paid prior to the commencement of each semester. This all inclusive fee is charged to cover lectures, tutorials and examinations and access to computer laboratory facilities and library.
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Locations Malabe


Semester 1

BM0010 Accounting 03
MA1033 Calculus I 04
MA1083 Discrete Mathematics 03
MA1074 Probability and Distributions 03
BM1060 English Language Skills I 03

Semester 2

IT1010 Introduction to Programming 04
BM1030 Microeconomics 03
MA1091 Statistical Packages 01
MA1092 Statistical Inference 03
BM1120 English Language Skills II


Semester 1

MA2124 Calculus II 04
MA2133 Linear Algebra 03
MA2193 Regression Analysis 03
BM2040 Macroeconomics 03
BM2090 Financial Accounting 03

Semester 2

MA2174 Calculus III 04
MA2183 Differential Equations 03
MA2153 Time Series Analysis 03
MA2201 Statistical Programming with R 01
BM2020 Principles of Management 03


Semester 1

MA3223 Numerical Methods 03
MA3233 Theory of Interest 03
MA3243 Sampling Techniques 03
MA3253 Categorical Data Analysis 03
BM2100 Financial Management 03

Semester 2

MA3273 Mathematical Modelling 03
MA3293 Operations Research 03
MA3303 Design and Analysis of Experiments 03
MA3313 Actuarial Mathematics I 03
BM3210 Financial Reporting 03
MA3331 Seminars-Professional Development 01
MA3343 Industrial Training (NGPA) 03


Semester 1

MA4353 Multivariate Data Analysis 03
MA4363 Stochastic Processes 03
BM4170 Strategic Finance 03
MA4383 Loss Models 03
MA4403 Medical Statistics 03
MA4416 Research Project 03

Semester 2

MA4423 Stochastic Calculus 03
MA4433 Econometrics 03
MA4443 Statistical Learning 03
MA4453 Actuarial Mathematics II 03
MA4463 Bayesian Statistics 03

Double Major Options -
Career paths -
SLIIT- Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology
Academic centers SLIIT - Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology
Pathway Options * Upon completion of the degree, graduates will exhibit a broad and coherent body of knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics and Finance and acquire strong analytical skills to analyse any financial data and derive inferences in a meaningful and logical manner for the benefit of policy decision. * Graduates will have effective communication skills in English in both verbal and written forms in formal and informal settings with expert audiences and business and financial sector * It is expected that Central Bank, and banks under Licensed Commercial Banks, Licensed Specialized Banks, and Licensed Financial Companies which has more work related to actuarial sciences will create more job opportunities for such graduates with high salaries and less stress in Sri Lanka and also in globally * Can enrol to high ranking world class universities to carry out postgraduates studies.