BSc Engineering (Hons)in Mechanical Engineering

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Required results - A/L Any - Minimum of two “C” passes and one “S” pass in GCE Advanced Level (Local) in the Physical Science Stream (Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) in one and the same sitting and a pass at the Aptitude test conducted by SLIIT OR Minimum of two “B” passes and one “C” pass in GCE Advanced Level (Cambridge or Edexcel) covering Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in one and the same sitting and a pass at the Aptitude test conducted by SLIIT
Required results - O/L -

February / September

Time Duration 4 Years
Lecture dates and time

Offshore : Weekdays
Examinations : Weekdays

Qualification from (University/ Taff) SLIIT
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Locations Malabe

1st YEAR

Semester 1

CE1011 Engineering Mechanics 04
ME1010 Engineering Design and Processes 04
EC1021 Electrical Systems 03
MA1302 Engineering Mathematics I 03
EL1202 English Language Skills I 03
CE1912 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering 02

Semester 2

ME1030 Engineering Skills Development 03
ME1040 Engineering Principles and Communication 04
MT1010 Engineering Materials 04
MA1312 Engineering Mathematics II 03
EC1441 Engineering Programming 03
EL1212 English Language Skills II 02

2nd YEAR

Semester 1

ME2011 Mechanics of Solids I 03
CE2712 Fluid Mechanics I 04
ME2021 Mechanics of Machines I 04
ME2031 Engineering Drawing 04
MA2302 Engineering Mathematics III 04

Semester 2

ME2041 Thermodynamics 03
ME2051 Mechanical Design I 03
ME2100 Manufacturing Processes I 03
ME2170 Electrical Plant 03
ME2081 Engineering Sustainable Development 03
Humanities I

Industrial Training Part 1

ME2911 Industrial Training I

3rd YEAR

Semester 1

ME3011 Thermal Engineering Processes 03
ME3100 Manufacturing Processes II 03
ME3031 Mechanics of Solids II 04
ME3041 Mechanics of Machines II 04
Humanities II

Semester 2

ME3052 Mechanical Design II 03
ME3061 Fluid Flow Modelling 03
ME3020 Automatic Control I 03
ME3640 Mechatronics Systems 03
ME3081 Engineering Management 03
ME3091 Law for Engineers 03

Industrial Training Part 2
ME3911 Industrial Training II

4th YEAR

Semester 1

ME4010 Mechanical Engineering Project I 04
ME4071 Production and Operations Management 03
ME4111 Industrial Management and Marketing 03

3 Elective Modules from the following:

ME4021 Advanced Engineering Materials 03
ME4030 Vibration 03
ME4050 Computer Aided Engineering 03
ME4081 Computer Aided Design and Manufacture 03
ME4091 Energy Technology and Sustainability 03
ME4101 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 03

Semester 2

ME4120 Mechanical Engineering Project II 04
ME4131 Professional Practice 03
ME4181 Industrial Engineering 03

3 Elective Modules from the following:

ME4140 Design for Manufacturing 03
ME4150 Automatic Control II 03
ME4160 Product Design 03
ME4170 Noise 03
ME4190 Advanced Manufacturing Processes 03
ME4201 Energy Conservation & Management 03
ME4210 Fluid Power Systems and Machinery 03
ME4220 Automotive Engineering 03

* Electives to be chosen with the prior approval of the Acadamic Department

Double Major Options -
Career paths

* Design and Manufacturing
* Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment
* Industrial Engineering
* Thermal Engineering
* Automobile Industry

SLIIT- Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology
Academic centers SLIIT - Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology
Pathway Options -