Bristol records high intakes for the MBA program

Chief Operating Officer M.J.M. Dilshad of Bristol Institute

Overcoming challenging market norms, Bristol Institute records high intakes for their MBA program

Recording one of the highest number of successful MBA programs to be completed by a private higher education from an international university, The Bristol Institute of Management (BIBM) recently concluded their 8th. MBA program from the University of the West of England. (UWE).

Securing the completion of these programs over a short span of just two years, Bristol Institute having recruited a record numbers of students for each of their intakes, has defied the predictions of this being one of the most challenging times for the education industry.

Speaking of this achievement the Chief Operating Officer M.J.M. Dilshad of Bristol Institute said “the overall demand for our MBA has increased during the coronavirus pandemic, with a record number of over 500 students having confirmed places with us over the 8 intakes that we have concluded. We have worked very hard to identify needs, and to develop a program that is ideally suited to the current times, and the data showcased through our intakes clearly tells us a very positive story, in that we are doing things right in meeting the industry requirements. It is also a great testament to the underlying strength of our lecture team, who have been instrumental in helping students graduate successfully in spite of all the challenges. We look forward to seeing these graduates contribute back into the workforce by employing their skills in their chosen fields or even starting a business to expand on what they have learned through our program.’’

Dilshad added “the world has become uncertain, ambiguous and complex, interlinking business with economics, and geopolitics. Companies bear new responsibilities towards stakeholders. Transformational change requires individuals to behave and think differently. Aspiring and engaged leaders must be equipped with new skills, perspectives, paradigms and narratives in order to make sense of and succeed in the future world in order to solve complex business issues and carve new routes, and our MBA from the University of the West of England (UWE) entails a thorough knowledge of leadership skills in order to effectively, purposefully and responsibly lead teams and businesses in the current volatile marketspace, which in turn  has been a part of the success and  popularity of this program.”

Offering an exclusive and international network of committed alumni, renowned and internationally trained faculty, innovative entrepreneurs and global leaders, the MBA program will prepare managers for the changing demands of the global market and the increasing challenges of contemporary business.