Brightly College launches scholarship

Brightly College launches scholarship and financial bursary schemes – widens accessibility to world-class, future–forward A/L education

Brightly College, the educational institution set to contribute in transforming the education landscape of Sri Lanka, has just announced the launch of its scholarship and bursary schemes for its inaugural batch of A level 2022. In this bid to make its novel approach to schooling accessible to all, the future-forward high school is not just fostering a progressive learning environment, but also providing opportunities to cultivate one that is inclusive and diverse.

Inaugurated in March 2022, Brightly College will be officially opening its doors for its first batch of A Level students this September. As an associate school of the internationally-recognized Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Board, the academy will be offering Sri Lankan students a world-class education like no other local high school has provided in the past.

At Brightly College, students’ futures aren’t determined by the confines of pre-determined Science or Commerce ‘streams.’ Rather, each scholar is allowed to embrace and pursue his/her individual interests and skills through subjects that break the norms of traditional Sri Lankan high school study. Offering a wide portfolio of A Level disciplines (categorised under Mathematics & Science, Commerce, but also Creative, Humanities and Technology), students are able to not just get a head start on the career trajectory of their dreams, but will also get to explore the many pathways open to them earlier than most. With subjects such as Travel & Tourism, Marine Science, Drama, and Digital Media & Design, alongside the more conventional choices of Commerce, History, and English Literature, Brightly College also offers the flexibility of subject combination for those wanting a healthy mix of academics and vocational studies.

However, what makes Brightly College truly stand out from other Sri Lankan high schools is that it offers more than just a stellar academic curriculum. With the firm conviction that young adult minds are not to be constrained by the rigidity of an archaic system, students at Brightly College are taught to acquire credentials that will prove far more pragmatic when it comes to facing real life challenges in an ever-changing workplace landscape. Through the expertise and insight of a qualified global faculty, students will be taught how to incorporate key non-academic skills (such as Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Problem Solving & Risk-Taking, Time & Stress Management, Leadership & Teamwork, Empathy & Sensitivity, and Entrepreneurship) into their multidisciplinary learning.

Brightly College’s inaugural scholarship scheme is applicable for students who wish to enroll for the school’s first intake this September; but more specifically for applicants able to meet eligibility requirements and demonstrate an exemplary academic record. Scholarships will be awarded after a competitive written examination and one-on-one interview following the completion of either the local GCE O Levels or international IGCSEs. Depending on their performance at the scholarship application process, awardees will then be provided with either a percentage of their course fees waived, or the reassurance of fully-funded tuition.

While Brightly College invites all goal-oriented students who understand the value of a progressive education model that prioritises a combination of life skills and academic brilliance, the cutting-edge high school also acknowledges that privilege often means that great opportunities aren’t always bequeathed equally. So, in order to tap into great young minds from Sri Lanka that would otherwise not have access to the contemporary brand of international education that Brightly College affords, the academy is offering financial bursary schemes that will cover the costs of a significant portion of tuition fees.

Applicants from all backgrounds and language mediums are encouraged to apply –key qualities here being academic excellence, ambition, and leadership skills-, and bursaries will be awarded following a process which includes an interview, written examination, and a brief English Language proficiency test. While 100% proficiency in English is not a requirement, prospective students will however need to be able to prove that they can cope with a syllabus conducted entirely in English. Students with a weaker grasp of the language who have been awarded the bursary will be supported with additional fluency assistance during the duration of their two-year course.

Keeping accessibility and inclusivity at the forefront of these opportunities, Brightly College is extending its scholarship and bursary schemes across all areas of study.

At Brightly College, learning is flexible – testament to the progressive education model it promotes. Students can either opt for full-time study at Brightly College, or enroll as a part-time student; attending classes for the subjects his/her school provides, while also attending evening/weekend lessons at Brightly for the more future-relevant courses.

Located at the Colombo Innovation Tower (CIT), students of Brightly College will be able to have access to a vibrant community, state-of-the-art facilities, as well as a dynamic and stimulating environment far unlike any other A Level classroom in Sri Lanka. Brightly College comes equipped also with the physical capacity to promote a supportive and enjoyable schooling experience.To explore the scholarship and bursary schemes available at Brightly College and to learn how to apply, contact Brightly College on +94 76 538 2000 or email or walk in between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday – Colombo Innovation Tower, No 477, R A De Mel mawatha, Colombo 4.