BCI Campus offers ‘BRIDGE’: University Preparation Programme

BCI campus, Negombo recently launched BRIDGE; a university preparation programme developed in line with the curriculum of the pre-university bridging programme recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education for prospective IT and Management undergraduates of non-state universities. Applications are now being accepted for the programme from prospective students who wish to develop essential skills in IT, English, Mathematics and Management required for university studies.

This initiative is aimed at bridging the knowledge gap and developing the necessary skills that have been identified as lacking in post-secondary (A/L) students. Last year, the Ministry of Education introduced this curriculum as a pre-university bridging programme specially designed for prospective IT undergraduates with no background in sciences, and prospective management undergraduates who have not studied commerce for their A/Ls.

Adapting the said curriculum as a foundation, BCI has further enhanced the programme with value additions including guest lectures by renowned personalities, industry visits and opportunities to engage in various projects and initiatives.

BCI has been offering several academic and professional education programmes in English, IT, Business Management and Professional Studies, producing a large number of outstanding professionals since its inception.

The campus will soon be recognized as a degree awarding institute and will offer undergraduate degree programmes in Business Management – BBM (Hons) and Information Technology – BSc.  (Hons) in 2021.

BCI takes a unique and progressive approach to education and focuses on providing students with more than just academic opportunities. The campus is dedicated to grooming their students into well-rounded, resourceful and dignified professionals who could excel at any vocation of their choice. To accomplish this, BCI has gathered an acclaimed faculty comprising of industry experts and erudite academics to mentor students well beyond the classroom.

The campus’ modern facilities located in breath-taking surroundings provide a conducive environment equipped with the technology, tools and resources for an ideal setting that promote a culture of holistic community of learning, fellowship, and personal growth. Nestled in the outskirts of Negombo, the students enjoy the opportunity to experience the vibrant activities of a locality bustling with life.

The coming year will see a host of exciting new options available to the students of BCI making it one of the leading institutes for higher education in the country. Apart from offering degree programmes approved by the UGC, the campus also looks forward to developing several professional and academic programmes in partnership with recognized international universities and organizations.

Every student at BCI is assured of individual attention, through an inspiring teaching and learning experience which will give them a head-start in life. BRIDGE will ensure that every student will be well equipped to excel at their undergraduate studies. More information about BRIDGE and other BCI offerings can be obtained via www.bci.lk  or calling us on  076 096 4135.