Affordable Pathways for Bachelors, Masters or PhD Studies at one of the World’s Safest Countries New Zealand

Private universities and higher educational institutes are mushrooming in Sri Lanka, but have you been assured of their credibility?
Do cheap qualifications provide quality education? These might be doubts that are lingering in your minds; Though not a name widely heard, GISM is the only Massey University affiliated Education and Research partner in Sri Lanka that has been granted the opportunity to send students to New Zealand after completing their first or second years of the registered graduate/post graduate programme in Sri Lanka which enables students to save up to 40% of the total cost and obtain a degree which ensures a well-paid career anywhere in the world. GISM has a very strong collaboration with Massey University, New Zealand which is becoming stronger and stronger with every new batch of students that gets transferred to Massey.
GISM offers plenty of privileges to both pathway and direct transfer students to make them easily and confidently get adjusted to the overseas university learning environment.

At GISM, students are given a free of charge orientation programme which empowers the students to bridge the gap they encounter living in a totally different environment. GISM orientation program guides students and parents on obtaining bank loan facilities / visa, IELTS preparation, finding accommodation and part time or full time work during or after studies. Most importantly, the Campus has created a friendly English speaking environment to improve students’ language proficiency which has become their major barrier in following a foreign degree programme. The students can apply for a work visa after completing their bachelor degree/post graduate programme, upon finding a permanent job offer in New Zealand; they are eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident’s Visa.
GISM offers free of charge support to applicants with improving their academic writing in English, preparation of State of Purpose (SOP) documents, research proposal etc for Masters & PhD levels.
In addition, all the members of the Board of Directors of GISM are dual citizens of New Zealand & Sri Lanka having both academic and industry experience and the lectures at GISM are conducted by a panel of well-qualified lectures.

GISM Pathway Programmes are as follows: Undergraduate – Mechatronics Engineering (Hons), Electronics & Computer Engineering (Hons), Construction Management, Construction Law, Quantity Surveying, Bachelor of Science-Microbiology, Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Bachelor of Information Science – IT/CS/Software Eng,/Data Science and Bachelor of Business with 10 majors including HR/Marketing/Finance/Economics.
Postgraduate Pathways (PGDip at GISM and transfer) – Masters of Construction – Construction Project Management, Masters of Construction – Quantity Surveying, Master in Construction-Construction Law. Master of Science pathways are also available to complete postgraduate Diploma at GISM and transfer to New Zealand.

Similarly, Graduate Diploma in Information Sciences and Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management pathway programmes are also available for both experienced and graduate-level qualification entries to study at GISM and transfer to Massey University in New Zealand.
Direct Placement Facilities are available for Masters and PhDs candidates
There are specially appointed coordinators and a GISM representative in both Sri Lanka and New Zealand to help our students. There are students from 21 batches who had transferred to Massey University from Sri Lanka since 2010. Therefore the support for the newcomers is assured in New Zealand.

GISM’s President, Professor Dr. G G Senaratne is a citizen of New Zealand who is also a former faculty of Massey University. He is one of the education consultants in Sri Lanka to Massey University. With his experience and academic maturity, he helps students to gain Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters and PhD) entries with proper guidance for both direct transfers and pathways.