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In an unpredictable and ever-changing postgraduate job market, students must be fully prepared to deal with professional realities. Today, when employers open their doors to new recruits, they look for ‘well- rounded’ candidates. They look for someone who not only excels at the practical aspects of his job, but who also clearly demonstrates the academic prowess, critical thinking and judgment, creativity and imagination in problem-solving to help meet the expectations and challenges of tomorrow. Legal education should combine both real world knowledge and experience with a comprehensive understanding of the law.

The CFPS Law School is the ideal solution for those looking to enter the legal profession. Our highly reputed degree programme is also very flexible due to its multifaceted nature. Here, students are able to complement other professional and academic qualifications with their LL.B (London). Being a registered centre of the UoL International programmes, the CFPS Law School offers The University of London LLB, which is considered to be one of the most versatile and sought-after programs in Sri Lanka.

Established in 1991, the CFPS Law school produced over 6000 lawyers to date. These successful lawyers have been groomed thoroughly through our UoL LL.B course and the Law College entrance courses.

The CFPS Law School greatly emphasizes experiential, transformative education. Students prepare for a life as a professionals, making use of the wealth of educational opportunities on offer. Prospective law students can complete their LL.B degree in 3 years. However, if the student already holds a degree from any university recognized by the UoL (can be any discipline), it would only take the student a minimum of 2 years to complete the LL.B degree.

If you intend to pursue a career in Sri Lanka as a professional in the legal field, the UoL LL.B degree can be the easiest way to achieve your goals. Students will procure the LL.B degree and gain entrance directly to the Sri Lanka Law College, bypassing the extremely competitive Law College entrance examination.

An LL.B (Lon.) degree holder will only take a year to complete the Law College examinations, after which the student is ready to take oaths as an Attorney-at-Law.

The University of London, which offers the LL.B degree, was established in 1858 in the United Kingdom. It is consistently ranked as one of the top rated and prestigious universities in the world and in the UK. The standards of the UoL LL.B have been assessed and assured by the Quality Assurance Agency of the UK. The UoL LL.B is widely regarded as the ‘international gold standard’ in legal education. It is a proven fact that the graduates of Law who tread the UoL path are of a higher calibre, and have an edge over
many other UK law graduates regarding career opportunities in Sri Lanka and all over the world. It should be specially noted that the LL.B degree is awarded by the UoL and not by the CFPS Law School.

At the CFPS Law School, the Academic faculty consists of legal practitioners and legal academics possessing both local and UK academic and professional qualifications. Lectures at the CFPS are highly interactive. By keeping a dialogue open during lecture sessions our lecturers ensure that our students receive individual attention and thereby help them to discover and nurture their true potential. The CFPS premises housing several state-of-the-art lecture halls, an extensive Library are situated at a prime location at Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07.

In order to give our students the maximum opportunity to test their mettle and to explore what they learn in the lecture halls, we frequently organize moot court sessions, real-world court visits, parliamentary visits, student union debates and many other extracurricular activities which are vital for
the students’ overall holistic education.

Once you finish your education with the CFPS, we will even help you with building the career you want. Career guidance is an integral part of the experience at the CfPS Law School, with students receiving numerous opportunities in furthering their careers through our special internship programmes.

The total cost for a graduate joining the UoL LL.B programme would be approximately Rs 1.45 Million, whereas for a non-graduate it would cost approximately Rs 1.85 Million. This includes all fees payable to the UoL and to the CfPS School of Law as well. Easy payment schemes are available on student request.

Selecting CfPS as the station to begin your Law dream is the perfect decision a student and parent could ever make as there would never be any mean of regret since you would receive all what you need and so much more. Located at a convenient area in Colombo 7, No.151 Dharmapala Mawatha, provides an easy accessibility for everyone to visit. For further inquiry our line is free to be contacted on 0112447790, 0112421665 or 0772244239 or email us at info@cfpslawschool.com and we would provide you with all the support and answers to all your questions with a happy heart.