Study Engineering, IT, Business and Biomedical Engineering at World Ranked Universities in France

Most affordable university education with work opportunities in the heart of Europe

France remains to be one of the most developed countries in the world. France is a member of European Union and is of the most visited tourist destination in the world. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, Montmartre, Arc Triomphe, Versailles, and River Seine remains to be the most popular destinations. The French economy is well developed thanks to the support from industry and service sector. France has the world’s 5 th largest economy and it has the 2 nd largest economy in the European Union. The main exports include machinery and equipment, Aircrafts, Plastics, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical products, Iron and Steel and Beverages.

University Education in France

Little known fact to many Sri Lankans is that France has one of the best education systems in the world. The Public University Education system in France provides affordable education in multiple study areas. The Grande Ecole system which is similar to IV league system in USA is supported by well developed industry with near 100% employability, excellent careers and salaries. There are specialized Grande Ecole’s for each area of industry, Engineering, Technology, and Business Management. The unique funding supported by the industry partners makes education both an affordable investment and career opportunity. There are study opportunities at leading French Grand Ecole’s in the following study areas.

Grande Ecole’s in Engineering

• ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering
• EPF School of Engineering
• ESTP School of Engineering

Engineering Majors – Aeronautical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Civil, Computer, Robotics, Electrical, Electronic, Automobile, Telecommunication, Embedded Systems Engineering, Big Data and many, Digital Technologies, Building & Eco cities, Space Engineering and many more.

Grand Ecole’s in Biomedical Sciences

• Sup’biotech Specialized School of Biotechnology

Bio Medical Sciences Majors – Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Bio Technology, Genetics, Pharmacology, Food Science, Bio Informatics, Bio Medical Science and many more.

Grand Ecole’s in Business and Management

• Montpellier Business School
• Rennes School of Engineering
• IPAC Business School

Business Majors – International Business, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Event and Sports Management, Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Economics and many more.

Affordable France – Minimum Investment and Maximum Career Advancements in France

The cost of education in France is extremely affordable and it is only around 25% of the cost of education in other developed countries that Sri Lankan students apply for their higher education. The moderate course fee is supported by extremely affordable cost of living and state support for housing. Students are encouraged to get valuable industry exposure which will lead to employment upon successful completion of the degree programs.

Grande Ecole’s in France are funded by many leading industries. Because these industries fund, students only have to pay 50% of their tuition fee. These way industries and the students have a very close relationship where student gets a 50% Scholarship and industries can attract the most inelegant
students to join their company. For past many years this has become a practice in France.

Scholarships to Study in France

AIC Campus is the leader in French University Education in Sri Lanka. AIC is partnered with a group of leading Universities and Grande Ecole’s in France and offers merit based scholarships for students according to their A/L results. There are many Scholarship schemes on offer and students can apply for these programs after consultation with AIC Campus admission advisers.

Living in France

France has a rich culture, language, society which makes it a leading country in the world. Students can experience the unique French Culture, French Cuisine and French way of living. Students can travel to famous tourist destinations both inside France and in other EU countries. French Industry is so developed and students have options of part time employment to gain valuable work experience and be a part of French system of living.
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