Strengthening the Growth, Expanding the Presence: NSBM Embarks on Phase II

NSBM Green University Town completed its proud 4 years of excellent service to the nation on the 26th of October 2020.

Being an exemplar in Sri Lankan Higher Education, NSBM has extended its physical boundaries adding another 15 acres adjoining to the existing university premises to expand the higher educational opportunities for Sri Lankan students through the three newly proposed faculties:

Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences. Phase II of NSBM has widened the amenities for students including a hostel inclusive of 1000 bed capacity, a multipurpose hall with the seating capacity of 1500, an auditorium with 1500+ capacity, a fully equipped recreation center and a playground.

NSBM Green University has taken interest in to shoulder the national responsibility of preparing the Sri Lankan human resource with competencies demanded by the 21st Century. NSBM proudly contributes to Sri Lanka by providing opportunities for the higher education of students who are not eligible to enter state universities.

Further, this project helps to save foreign exchange which flows out of the country due to the large fraction of students who migrate to foreign countries for their higher studies. It is also expected that there will be foreign exchange inflow to the country due to the attraction of international students to follow their higher studies in Sri Lanka.

As a fully government-owned self-financed state enterprise, NSBM Green University Town currently functions with nearly 10,000 on-campus undergraduates. Being awarded as the best state service sector organization for consecutive years, NSBM is identified as a turning point in Sri Lankan Higher Education, as it provides facilities on par with international universities as well as a 360-degree university experience. NSBM offers Sri Lankan youth the opportunity to pursue high quality higher education within Sri Lanka from top ranked universities at an affordable rate.

The Phase II is set to steer the green university experience to the next level, by providing broader opportunities to the Sri Lankan higher education system.

The Phase I of the NSBM Green University, which now houses the Faculties of Management, Computing, and Engineering, has been built on 26-acres of land, in Homagama. The NSBM Green University has been built as a model of a township development with on campus staff accommodation facilities, supermarket facilities, banking facilities, saloon and other facilities for a university community to live in comfort and splendor. The current university is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which include modern lecture halls, computer laboratories, library facilities, study areas, a recreational center which includes a gym, a swimming pool, and an indoor stadium. There is also an auditorium, an open-air theater, and a student center to support the university students in their aesthetic endeavors. NSBM also has hostel facilities for students to reside while studying at the university.

Another highly notable factor is the academic programs that are offered by the university. NSBM offers degree programs approved by the University Grants Commission and programs affiliated with high ranked foreign universities. Affiliated foreign universities include University College Dublin in Ireland, Victoria University in Australia, Plymouth University in the UK, and the University of Western Australia.

The degree programs of NSBM also have an esteemed panel of senior lecturers, encompassing both foreign and local academics, with specialized and practical knowledge. Studying at NSBM provides our students with the further advantage of possessing two years of industry experience by the time of graduation, as the first two years of the degree are conducted full-time and the last two years are done on a part-time basis. Students who have just completed the advanced level examination and the students who have already received their results can join with NSBM December intake 2020.