Starting an Australian university adventure in Colombo

Students with pending A-Level results can enrol now.

Despite the current restrictions around international travel, Sri Lankan students who keep their options open for future overseas study can still look forward to an exciting and formative life experience. The good news is students can begin an Australian university experience right now, here in Sri Lanka, knowing they’re on a pathway to complete their studies at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) when borders reopen. UTS is Australia’s top-ranking young university, located in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant and welcoming cities.

While it’s no small thing to leave your home to face the challenges of a completely new environment, there is much to gain. Studying in Australia gives more than the contents of a degree. The experience leaves students with tangible skills like fluent English, and the ability to negotiate the challenges of a different culture. Students also come away with an expanded world view, a fresh perspective on life, and a network of friends from all over the world.

The pathway to UTS

UTS Sri Lanka, based in the heart of Colombo, offers degree pathways (diplomas) in Engineering, Business, and Information Technology. The courses are designed in collaboration with UTS, which means the educational outcomes are the same as for first-year students in a UTS undergraduate degree. Students at UTS Sri Lanka enjoy the same world-class university standards from day one and are guaranteed* entry to the corresponding UTS degree on successful completion of their diploma studies. Students can move straight into the second year of their UTS degree. This means that delayed travel plans are no reason to put your dreams of studying in Australia on hold. 

Enrol based on pending results

Students who have completed their A-levels are eligible to apply for the  Diploma of Engineering, Diploma of Business, or Diploma of Information Technology. Pending results are sufficient for enrolment, so there’s no need to wait for official results. Students who have completed their O-levels can  enrol in  UTS Foundation Studies. As well as progressing into Diploma studies at UTS Sri Lanka, students who successfully complete UTS Foundation Studies can gain entrance to many UTS undergraduate degrees, including Health Sciences, Nursing, Business, IT and Engineering subject to meeting GPA, and in some cases, IELTS requirements. 

Sri Lankan students thrive in Sydney

As Australia’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Sydney is a welcoming place for international students. The student body at UTS is made up of around 30 percent international students – both undergraduate and postgraduate – creating a stimulating multicultural environment. In fact, the city’s Western suburbs are home to a large and lively Sri Lankan community. Sydney has also earned a reputation as a very safe destination, having been named Australia’s safest city, and the fifth safest in the world by The Economist’s 2019 Safe Cities Index.[i]

A diverse and amazing place

Vihan Wakista, originally from Colombo, transferred to second year of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at UTS after completing his Diploma of Engineering. Vihan says of Sydney, “It’s a diverse and amazing place to study and live. Friendly locals, beautiful locations and a multitude of amazing cuisines. Sydney is also well-known for its higher education opportunities. All these reasons made me want to study there.” He also has advice for Sri Lankan students who plan to continue their studies at UTS. “You might miss home at first,” he says, “but you will adapt to this beautiful city. Concentrate on your studies and don’t worry too much about socialising. You’ll make new friends when you settle in. Sydney is a safe, friendly place and you will enjoy your time there.”

Scholarships to UTS Sydney

UTS Sri Lanka has a deep commitment to educating future leaders and providing opportunities for talented students. A wide range of scholarships is available for new students, as well as those continuing to UTS. Diploma graduates are eligible for the UTS Sri Lanka Pathway Fee Scholarship, which entitles them to a guaranteed AU$7000  per year fee scholarship for the remainder of their degree at UTS. This is solely based on them having completed their Diploma, rather than needing to have attained a specific GPA.For a business student with four semesters remaining in their degree, this is a saving of AU$14,000 , and for an Engineering student with six semesters remaining in their degree, it’s a saving of AU$21,000 . Diploma students can also apply for the Sri Lanka to UTS Pathway Scholarship. Awarded to the top performing student going to UTS in Semester One and Semester Two of each year, this provides 25% off fees for the remainder of the student’s first degree at UTS.

An enriching experience Ms Alison Hiscox, Principal of UTS Sri Lanka, says, “Studying abroad is an enriching educational, cultural and personal experience for our students and we are proud to see so many graduates from UTS Sri Lanka succeed at UTS. The skills, knowledge and confidence they acquire will enable them to build exciting careers, and as highly qualified professionals, we’re confident that they will make a significant contribution to their country when they return.”