SLTC Entech – Sri Lanka’s First A/L result-based Scholarship

Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) has always strived to bring research-based learning, innovation,and ease of access into the Sri Lankan educational industry.

SLTC EnTech Scholarship is the unique and coveted A/L result-based scholarship program introduced by the university for the first time in Sri Lanka, in order to offer high achieving A/L students a path to a world-class education.

SLTCEnTech scholarships are offered to students who have excelled in their G.C.E. A/L exam or other equivalent international standard exams such as London A/Ls, Cambridge or Edexcel. Students with 3As in any subject stream get a 100% fee waiver for any SLTC degree that they are eligible for. Moreover, they offer a 30% fee waiver for each A, 20% fee waiver for each B and 10% fee waiver for each C, as long as the student has scored over 2 C passes and 1 S pass in one sitting.

 The students then get the opportunity to enjoy a true university life at SLTC’s sprawling campus, located at Padukka, and can avail themselves of facilities such as fully-equipped research laboratories, libraries, on-site student guidance, and sports and residential facilities.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination in Sri Lanka, only a small percentage of students get the opportunity to enter a recognized state university, even though a large number of students fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria to enter a university in the country. This particularly affects students with financial struggles who barely missed entrance even with relatively high results in their exams.

SLTC EntechScholarship aims to encourage and enable academically motivated students by providing them better access to exceptional education and undergraduate experience, in spite of their financial limitations.

Focused on being Sri Lanka’s best research-based university,SLTC offers a large variety of degree in their School of Engineering, School of Computing and IT, Business School, School of Technology and the newly launched School of Music.

SLTC School of Technology has also introduced two new degree programs this year; BSc in Textile and Clothing Technology and BSc in Fashion Merchandise Management.