SLIIT kicks off ROBOFEST 2022 with much-awaited onsite competition showcasing knowledge, innovation and teamwork

– Registration is now open-

Organised by the SLIIT, Faculty of Engineering, the eagerly awaited annual ‘ROBOFEST 2022’ competition is being held physically and on-site after a hiatus of several years and set to showcase participants knowledge, innovation, teamwork and dedication.

This year too, the competition is being held under two categories: the School and University Category. Registration for the competition is now open, with 19 August 2022 announced as closing date for all applications. ROBOFEST Event Day is scheduled for 26 September 2022 at the SLIIT Malabe Campus. 

Today, SLIIT ROBOFEST is recognized as the premier robotic competition in Sri Lanka. The event is an excellent opportunity for participants to showcase their theoretical and practical knowledge of robotics in an exciting and energetic atmosphere. With the event’s growing popularity, the organisers are dedicated to ensuring the annual competition is more innovative, exciting, and competitive each year.

Thus, this year’s competition has been designed to challenge the competitors in technical aptitude, innovation, and imagination, which, no doubt, will make for an interesting and tightly contested competition.

To compete in the University category, each team must design and build a fully autonomous robot and impart to the micro-mouse an adaptive intelligence to explore different maze configurations and to work out the optimum route for the shortest travel time from start to finish. While a team should consist of five (05) members, solo entries are also accepted. Registration links for University Category are via and for Technical Specifications participants can visit link

In the School category, participants should design and implement a mobile robot capable of navigating along a playing field following lines and line maze solving. In addition, the robot should be able to pick up, carry, and place a specified object from point A to B. Participants must submit a video demonstrating that their robot is capable of successfully navigating the specified Level 1 playing field. The qualifying participants will then compete in Level 2 of the competition on the day of ROBOFEST 2022 at the venue. Teams can register via, and peruse Technical Specifications visiting the link

The organisers aim to conduct an online informational and outreach session for each category. Details of the programme will be posted on the competition Facebook page shortly.

Attractive prizes including awards and cash presentations are on offer for winners from both categories.

ROBOFEST continues to promote the mastery of multiple STEM and computer science subjects, which in turn drives preparation for high-tech careers. In addition, ROBOFEST contributes towards the development of skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, and communication. More information on the competition may be obtained via the ROBOFEST Facebook page