Reward performers with an HR angle

Chamber Chief @ APIIT MBA Inauguration 2021.

 Vish Govindasamy at the APIIT MBA Inauguration 2021 

The Chairman Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Vish Govindasamy addressing the 35th intake of the APIIT MBA Inauguration in the theme ‘ Skills required for tomorrow’s CEO’ said that the key to success is ‘ Take decisions with data points and reward performers with an HR angle’. The logic for his argument was that the root cause of the issues nationally is because of decisions taken without understanding the reality on the ground whilst we are slow to move to a performance-driven culture said the Managing Director of Sunshine Holdings. But everything we do must have an HR angle he said.

Sri Lanka is undoubtedly going through one of the toughest times in the history of the economy with policymakers fumbling in the dark with too little data for accurate policymaking leading to people getting on the streets agitating on the crop failure to skyrocketing prices of essential and the dwindling foreign currencies said Dr Rohantha Athukorala who interviewed Mr. Govindasamy after his amazing pin drop 25-minute oration. It was an amazing thought process and maturity at its best that a youngster of today must instil to the DNA of they want to be the next generation CEO commented Dr Athukorala. 

On the question of policy inconsistencies, the answer by the Chamber Chief was ‘ yes we are cognizant of this fact and we are working with the authorities to help put Sri Lanka back on track and the feedback is positive he said. As you may be aware the reversal of the fertilizer required for the tea industry has been taken and we now need to action this decision so that the tea industry can benefit said Govindasamy.

APIIT celebrated the 50th MBA Diary speaker at the MBA Inauguration with the lead up being the Chairperson Unilever, MD Nestle, Sri Lankan Ambassador to UK Saroja Sirisena, United Nations under-secretary Dr Palitha Kohonna, top 100 IT professional globally Madu Ratnayaka the VP Virtusa, Global brand guru Simon Anholt etc. We have to learn from the best practices of the world said Dr Athukorala the brand child of MBA Diaries into a power brand in Sri Lanka. The Asia Pacific Institute of Technology( APIIT) in its 21-year history has built the MBA learning experience in Sri Lanka to be the finest with the cutting edge professionals of the country dedicating their talent to build the next generation leaders. 2021 was a record-breaking year and today undoubtedly the Staffordshire MBA is the most sought after qualification of tomorrow’s CEO.  APIIT took the high ground with the launch of the DBA from a global education power brand-AIT. Once again it was a record intake and all reservations were overbooked at the Global classroom. Due to the unprecedented demand, we have launched the ‘ Sunday only’ MBA from Staffordshire which again has been overbooked said the company in a communique.