Performance-based Scholarships for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Students of the University of London

Achieving a First Class for your LLB from a prestigious university is an exceptional achievement. The Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) through its University of London programmes has paved the way for Sri Lankan students to achieve these academic and career goals in exponential ways. In circumstances where the total LLB First Classes (University of London) for the entire globe remains extremely limited per year, RIC has been able to produce 9 First Class LLB graduates as well as 772 Second Class (Honours) graduates over the past few years. These achievements have opened up many avenues for them in terms of higher studies as well as gaining lucrative employment opportunities. Some of these graduates went on to complete their LLM studies as well as PhDs at prestigious universities such as University of Cambridge and London School of Economics. Here is one such very recent success story of one of our proud First Class graduates:

Ramesh FernandoLLM (Cambridge) (First Class), LLB (London)(First Class) Attorney-at-Law

“I have just finished reading for an LL.M at the University of Cambridge, specialising in commercial law. I am looking forward to returning to Sri Lanka to continue practicing as a junior counsel in my senior’s chamber. I chose to pursue LL.B degree offered by the University of London, given its much acclaimed global reputation, as well as its illustrious cohort of alumni. And, RIC was the natural choice of institution to receive academic support from, with its experienced faculty and facilities. The foundation and guidance I received at RIC proved incomparable, enabling me achieve success during my undergraduate studies, and my studies at Cambridge, thereafter.”

The Royal Institute of Colombo, being true to its motto – Committed to excellence in higher education – carried on with uninterrupted teaching to its students throughout, even during the unprecedented times. Now it is on another mission to reward its students as recognition for their relentless efforts devoted to studies. At RIC those who excel in academics are always
rewarded, be it at entrance or during the programme. In our pursuit for excelling in higher education, it is our firm belief that allocating the ideal resource personnel is integral for the teaching-learning process. Simultaneously awarding Performance – based Scholarships definitely encourages the deserving undergrads to continue studies in the same vigour and enthusiasm.

Benefits to RIC law students

Thereby all RIC Law students are awarded a performance-based scholarship of 50% off on RIC fees, if the average marks at their First or Second Year examinations are 70 or above. This generous gesture extended by RIC is purely to reward those students who have dedicated their time and effort to showcase extraordinary performance. Even the students who receive an average mark of 60 or above for their First or Second Year examinations, will be awarded a scholarship of 30% on RIC fees for their hard work and dedication.

Benefits to any UoL law students

At the same time any University of London law student is awarded an academic scholarship of 40% on RIC fees, if the average marks at their First or Second Year examinations are 70 or above. While at the same time, a scholarship of 20% on RIC fees will be received by any law student with an average mark of 60 or above (for their Second or Third Year UoL examinations), who is eagerly waiting to join RIC to continue their Bachelor of Laws of the University of London.

Exceptional Entry requirements for 2020

Given the current situation, RIC will be providing a unique opportunity for students intending to register for the September intake, where registration will be provided without A/L results. However, the students have to face a University of London accepted Admission Test conducted by RIC in this regard. This one-time opportunity could be the turning point of one’s academic as well as professional career.

Our intention is to celebrate the academic success of our students who will be joining RIC to pursue their higher education as well as those who continue to strive in achieving academic excellence. Our proud First Class and Second Class graduates are a testament to our commitment towards our students who push their limits and persevere to achieve the epitome
of success.