ICON Business School produces ACCA World Prize Winner

ICON Business School, a professional educational service provider in the fields of Accounting, Finance and Business Management, is a leading  ACCA tuition provider in Sri Lanka, currently holding the record of producing the highest number of ACCA Sri Lankan prize winners, which comprises 2 world prize winners, 38 prize winners and 79 ACCA affiliates. These achievements have been attributed to ICON’s unique study plans and methodology provided through an experienced lecture panel that holds a reputation for producing some of the highest pass rates in the country.

This has resulted in ICON holding the ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner (ALP) status, a formal recognition that ACCA awards to leading tuition providers for providing high quality tuition and support to ACCA students as well as achieving pass rates.

One of  their most recent successes was in producing an ACCA world prize winner for December 2020 session namely Mohamed Fahim Farhan Ahamed , for the subject Financial Management .

Outlining the manthra behind their success are the main promoters of Icon Business School that comprise Dilshad Jiffry, Rakitha Jayatunga, Dasun Mendis and Farheen Salahudeen. They stated” Whilst we’re always very proud of our high pass rates at ICON, it’s particularly pleasing to see our students awarded the top honours by ACCA on a continuous basis, every year. Obviously, it partly comes down to having some excellent students joining our institute but  I also really think that it can be attributed to some excellent tutors at ICON who work hard to really understand the exams they teach and nail how to pass. We create a very friendly and engaging teaching environment that aids learning and development and encourage students to start thinking about their exams early and doing mocks, followed by lots of question practice in the revision phase. During the tuition phase, we concentrate on making sure that they grasp the basics, then on the revision phase we ensure that we expose students to exam-style questions and a lot of exam technique. In addition to their thorough up-to-date knowledge of each area of the exams, the lecturers also utilize effective teaching techniques, highlighting to students the important areas to concentrate on and the key exam techniques such as time allocation, prioritization, problem-solving.”.

Excited about his award, prize winner Farhan endorsed these statements by commenting  “when I started ACCA, I didn’t have any idea about the journey I was about to embark on, but now I can see a bright future ahead with new opportunities, thanks to ACCA and of course ICON. The support and guidance provided by ICON Business School was a great contributor to me winning this award, especially as this particular exam was quite challenging. I was thrilled to have passed with 95%, which also incidentally was the highest mark globally.” With a journey of challenges that has also been one that has resulted in a journey of successors, ICON looks forward to continuing its quest of helping students maximize their learning and training experience by providing competent tutors, comprehensive material and an organized programme with full educational and administrative support and in equipping students with all the necessary knowledge, skills and the appropriate exam techniques to facilitate learning that will result in exceptional exam success.