How to work during tough times

How to work during tough times

Let’s accept it- working today is tough given the fear of the virus, restrictions on travel and cash flow issues but yet we see companies generating top results and some the best in the history of the company. Let’s try to understand some insights from this performance.

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The key picks up from them. They believe that doing the same thing will not produce a different result. Instead, they believe that complex problems must be handled with transparency, creativity and logically – that’s what sets them apart. In today’s business problems we are problem solvers. The variables have changed drastically between pre and post-pandemic. Hence, there is no option but to look at new ways to solve the problem (creativity) but do it openly- if required involve the customer (transparency) and use your logic to drive the solution.

Values that drive behavior 

When digging deeper we see some underlining behaviour that governs these exceptional performances of the companies.

1 Take ownership and have initiative

Companies who were outstanding gave time for their employees to understand the problem so that they take ownership to the solution. This drives a strong desire for a set of actions. They was no requirement to follow up and get under ones skin. 

2.   Genuine concern about the welfare of employees.

A very strong characteristic of successful companies. The organization is genuinely concerned on the requirements of an employee. Like for instance working from home requires some basics – comfortable seating, proper lighting may be an air conditioner to name a few. These were provided for.

3.  Growth mind set

Even if one was working on a remote option, the company was interested in training and development. How to drive the individual growth. How to improve skill development. Theses were core values that governed successful companies. 

4. Be open, honest and polite

An ingrane value of high performance companies. The leaders were honest to the situation and honest to what can be done and what cannnot. It’s very important to be polite these days as people are working under difficult situations. Hence, it’s paramount to be polite.

5. Be fixers and not point fingers 

A strong grain in the world of driving results in today’s world. Solve the problem is the ethos. Companies don’t want excuses. We must live with this value if we are to emulate success of top entities.

Next steps  Practice one of the above on a weekly basis and then you will realize the importance of changing our leadership behaviour to get the best from people.