Horizon Campus as a forward thinking education provider in the country, having taken into account the diverse and difficult challenges their students were facing due to the Pandemic,ensured that there was no disruption to their study schedule by successfully conducting all exams during the Pandemic , with the intention of not letting their students experience any delays in terms of their graduation.

The lecture team and teaching support staff did everything they could to support students to continue with their studies with as little disruption as possible, while maintaining the academic experience and standards expected of Horizon , that goes towards making their qualifications to be highly valued by employers.

Prof: S.J.B.A Jayasekera, Vice Chancellor of Horizon Campus stated, “we recognized just how much hard work and commitment students had put into their studies and we did not in any way want to delay in helping them attain their qualifications and pass out on time. Our team at Horizon worked to create alternative assessments that tested their learning and understanding as planned, but utilized a different format that made it easier for them to study and complete assesements remotely. We made exceptional amendments to support our students progression without compromising the academic standards that make our qualification so valued.Having ensured that all assignments and study programs were completed on schedule we then went ahead and conducted examinations online. We did this for all our faculties that included “Management , Law, Education, Science and Information Technology. “

Horizon Campus currently stands as the only private education institute to conduct exams successfully during the challenging times of the pandemic. They are now working on ensuring that assessment and application of knowledge in a setting that focuses on students understanding of what they have learnt and how it can be applied to real world problems. Discussion forums and virtual study groups set up allow students to talk through understanding their subjects with one or more fellow students and their lecturers.

Having adapted their teaching and operations to safeguard the health and safety of students and supporting them with compassion and understanding , Horizon campus has ensured that no compromises have been made in terms of knowledge gathering and in completing their studies and examinations. They have stood the test of time as a proactive education provider that makes no excuses when it comes to the value they deliver to their students.