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APRIL 2021

Time Duration 16 weeks
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Qualification from (University/ Taff) Miami Ad School
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Locations Colombo

* Learn the History of UX Design -
Learn about the history and evolution of UX design, and the importance of putting the user at the centre of the design process – you’ll be best friends with your audience in no time.

* Understand User Needs -
Understand and harness the importance of different research techniques, create appropriate artifacts, and develop an experience brief.

* Build a Design Framework -
Gather and nurture ideas, and build an experience design framework that illustrates and defines the experiences of different types of users.

* Create a Working Prototype -
Gain an understanding of UX tools, techniques and best practices. Discover how to refine your ideas, translate them into designs and document them to create memorable experiences.

* Test your Work -
Learn the ins and outs of user testing and how to apply insights to improve your designs.

* Create a Portfolio -
Learn how to create a UX design portfolio. Showcase your best work and highlight what employers are looking for to prepare you for the interview that could launch your career.

* Learn how to Present -
Gain confidence in describing and explaining your work, demonstrate your point of view, and provide rationale for your design decisions.

* Toolboxes -
Design basics, introduction to cognitive psychology, problem solving, collaborating with visual designers, and working with front-end developers.

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Jerad Rutnam
QS World University Ranking: 291
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