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Required results - A/L Any - Those who have sat and passed AAT Examinations only
Required results - O/L Any -Those who have sat and passed AAT Examinations only

5th & 6th September 2020
Next Workshop - 26th & 27th September 2020

Time Duration 2 Days
Lecture dates and time -
Qualification from (University/ Taff) AAT
Fees informations Rs. 6,000/-

Mode of Payment

* Cash @ AAT Centre (Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 4.45 pm, Saturdays 9.00 am - 4.00 pm)
* Cheque in favour of “Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka” & Crossed “Account Payee Only”
* Online payments through here
* Direct deposits to Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka, A/C No. 039020327099 Hatton National Bank Bambalapitiya Branch
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Locations Colombo

People and Leadership Skills (PLS)

Unit 1 : Social Skills for Accountants (15%)

* 1.1 Personal grooming (including; appropriate dress code for interview work place,
meetings, other social gatherings)

* 1.2 Social etiquette, courtesy and mannerism for accountants (job interviews, work place,
meetings and inter-personal relationships with superiors, colleagues, and with clients

* 1.3 Telephone etiquette (including; greetings, introduction, responding, taking messages,
closing, responding to business SMS, conference calls)

* 1.4 Etiquette in the e-environment (including; sending and receiving e-mails, making and
receiving calls, communication via social media)

* 1.5 Personal image building via:
- Physical image
- Online image
- Social image
- Positive attitudes (personally and professionally), values, thinking, speaking, and

Unit 2 : Service Skills for Accountants (15%)

* 2.1 Understanding service orientation (both internal and external to the organization),
customer centricity, building a customer centric / service oriented culture, and becoming
an effective member within such a culture

* 2.2 Importance of networking, techniques of building better business relationships among
colleagues, supervisors, clients, professionals and other multiple stakeholders

* 2.3 Evaluate information from a variety of sources and perspectives

* 2.4 Apply Professional Skepticism

Unit 3 : Presentation Skills for Accountants (20%).

* 1 Techniques on building an effective presentation (including; planning , organizing the
content, preparation, audience analyzing techniques)

* 3.2 Effective verbal communication techniques ( including ; pitch, volume, tone, pauses)

* 3.3 Effective non-verbal communication techniques ( including ; facial expressions, eye
contact, gestures, postures, body language)

* 3.4 Effective delivery techniques (including; starting and closure, techniques for grabbing the
attention, building rapport, audience engagement techniques)

* 3.5 Tips for effectively presenting financial accounting data / information at a meeting.

Unit 4 : Team Working Skills for Accountants (20%)

* 4.1 Accept and appreciating diversity at work place (including ; awareness of barriers such
as stereotypes and biases, overcoming barriers, techniques on dealing with diversity)
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* 4.2 Team dynamics (including; different types of teams, personality types, team member
relationships, stages in team building, team roles, responsibilities)

* 4.3 Team conflicts (including; listening problems, communication problems, factors
influencing team effectiveness, achieving results)

* 4.4 Team collaboration and management (including; motivating others, encouraging,
Communicating, negotiating for conflict resolution)

Unit 5 Leadership Skills for Accountants (30%)

* 5.1 Distinct between leading and managing

* 5.2 Leadership - role, skills and styles (including; situational leadership and action centered

* 5.3 Leadership and Problem-Solving (including; identifying a problem, developing
alternatives, getting ideas and consensus)

* 5.4 Leadership and decision making (including; barriers to decision making, steps in decision
making, decision making tools such as analytical / brainstorming / devil’s advocate)

* 5.5 Leadership and delegation, motivation, inspiration, direction, coaching and training

* 5.6 Leadership challenges in an accounting firm (including; ethical dilemmas)

* 5.7 Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI) (including; understanding the concept of EI and
its’ applications, measurement continuous improvement towards a better leader)

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