Master of Business Administration in Taxation (MBA-T)

Postgraduate Institute of Management
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Required results - A/L Required - Refer Intake for more details
Required results - O/L Required - Refer Intake for more details

To be eligible for admission to the MBA-T program, an applicant shall possess one of the following qualifications.
i. A Bachelor’s Honours Degree (SLQF 6) with at least a second class (lower division) standing from a recognised university.
ii. A Bachelor’s Degree (SLQF 5) with a first class or second class (upper division) standing from a recognised university.
iii. A Bachelor’s Degree (SLQF 5) from a recognised university with three year post-qualifying experience.
iv. A Bachelor’s degree (SLQF 5) in taxation or management studies from a recognised university.
v. A Postgraduate Degree of not less than 18 months or Postgraduate Diploma not less than one year in taxation or management from a recognised university with the experience of two years.
vi. A Postgraduate Degree of not less than 18 months or Postgraduate Diploma not less than one year in 6 any other field from a recognised university with post-qualifying executive-level work experience of two years.
vii. Any other individual who is nominated by the Commissioner-General of Inland Revenue, subjected to the PIM acceptance in the Merit Admission Category.

Time Duration 1 Year and 10 Months
Lecture dates and time -
Qualification from (University/ Taff) University of Sri Jayawardenapura
Fees informations The program fee per participant: Rs. 750,000/-
Fees - Annually -
Fees - Per Semester -
Fees - Per Month -
Fees - Per Subject -
Locations Colombo

Term 1: (Preparatory Term)
MBAT 500: Integrated Course in English (Preparatory Course- 2 credits)
MBAT 501: Professional Communication (Preparatory Course- 2 credits)
MBAT 502: Basic Economic/ICT Concepts (Preparatory Course- 2 credits)

Term 2:
MBAT 503: Macro-Economic Framework (Management Course-2 credits)
MBAT 504: Managing Organizations (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 505: Taxation Legal Framework and Policy (Technical Course- 2 credits)

Term 3:
MBAT 506: Public Finance and Fiscal Policy (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 507: Business Communication (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 508: International Taxation Policies and Law (Technical Course – 2 credits)

Term 4:
MBAT 509: Human Resource Management (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 510: Management Decisions and Implementation (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 511: Economic Policy and Taxation (Technical Course – 2 credits)

Term 5:
MBAT 512: Leadership and Business Development (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 513: Organizational Behaviour (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 514: Taxation and Governance (Technical Course – 2 credits)

Term 6:
MBAT 515: Information Management (Management Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 516: Financial Accounting and Taxes (Technical Course – 2 credits)
MBAT 517: Contemporary Issues in Tax Administration (Technical Course – 2 credits)

Term 7: (2 Electives)
MBAT 600 : Information System Auditing (Elective Course- 1 credit)
MBAT 601: Marketing Fundamentals (Elective Course – 1 Credit)
MBAT 602 : Strategic Human Resource Management (Elective Course – 1 Credit)
MBAT 603 : Public Sector-Private Sector Partnerships
MBAT 518 : Management Skills Project (MSP)
MBAT 519 : Management Research Project (MRP)

Award Master of Business Administration in Taxation
Double Major Options

This specialized MBA-T caters for those who are involved in taxation at operational and policy levels. Although the initial focus is on the Inland

Career paths -
University of Sri Jayawardenepura
Academic centers PIM - Postgraduate Institute of Management
Pathway Options It will broaden the academic horizons of young graduates for whom the proposed program will serve as an entry-level qualification for advanced academic studies in taxation such as international professional taxation educational programs. This will also serve as an aid for a career change and the progression of the recipients. On completion of this program including the submission of the Management Skills Project Report or Management Research Project Report, participants will be accommodated in a special educational program in a foreign country as agreed upon with the IRD, details of which will be declared in due course. Further, the recipients will be able to demonstrate critical awareness of fundamental and advanced aspects of taxation and related functional disciplines and apply relevant techniques in their roles as managerial professionals of the IRD. They will also deal with complex taxation and related issues systematically and make sound judgments and communicate decisions. The whole process would enable them to project professionalism in taxation and related functions, in carrying out their official duties with the public.