BSc (Hons) Mechatronics Engineering

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Required results - A/L Local A/L: 9 points , London A/L: 6 points
Required results - O/L Students should have O/L's

1st Intake: November to February
2nd Intake: August to September

Points given to each pass in A/L's
Local A/L : "A" pass = 5, "B" pass = 4, "C" pass= 3 and "S" pass = 2
London A/L: "A" pass = 5, "B" pass = 4, "C" pass= 3, "D" pass =2 and "E" pass = 1

If the A/L grades are not obtained, the student is required to complete the

Time Duration Four years
Lecture dates and time -
Qualification from (University/ Taff) Deakin University
Fees informations -
Fees - Annually -
Fees - Per Semester -
Fees - Per Month -
Fees - Per Subject -
Locations Colombo

The course comprises a total of 16 credit points.

Year 1

SEJ101 Design Fundamentals (2 credit points)
SEB101 Engineering Fundamentals
SIT199 Applied Algebra and Statistics
SEJ103 Materials Engineering Project (2 credit points)
SIT107 Cyber-Physical Computing Design Project (2 credit points)
SIT194 Introduction to Maths Modelling
SIT172 Programming for Engineers

Year 2

SEM200 Machine Design (2 credit points)
SEE206 Measurement and Instrumentation
SEP291 Engineering Modelling
SER201 Embedded System Design (2 credit points)
SEE216 Analogue and Digital Systems
SER202 Programming for Embedded Systems

For Year 3 and Year 4 subjects, refer to WWW.DEAKIN.EDU.AU

Award BSc (Hons)
Double Major Options -
Career paths -
Deakin University
Deakin Uni
Academic centers Royal Institute of Colombo
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