BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

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Required results - A/L Local A/L: 9 points , London A/L: 6 points
Required results - O/L Should pass both Local and London O/L's

1st Intake: November to February
2nd Intake: August to September

Points given to each pass in A/L's
Local A/L : "A" pass = 5, "B" pass = 4, "C" pass= 3 and "S" pass = 2
London A/L: "A" pass = 5, "B" pass = 4, "C" pass= 3, "D" pass =2 and "E" pass = 1

If the A/L grades are not obtained, the student is required to complete the Deakin Foundation Programme.

Time Duration Four years
Lecture dates and time -
Qualification from (University/ Taff) Deakin University
Fees informations -
Fees - Annually -
Fees - Per Semester -
Fees - Per Month -
Fees - Per Subject -

The course comprises a total of 16 credit points.

Year 1

SEJ101 Design Fundamentals (2 credit points)
SEB101 Engineering Fundamentals
SIT199 Applied Algebra and Statistics
SEJ103 Materials Engineering Project (2 credit points)
SIT107 Cyber-Physical Computing Design Project (2 credit points)
SIT194 Introduction to Maths Modelling
SIT172 Programming for Engineers

Year 2

SEM200 Machine Design (2 credit points)
SEM218 Fluid Mechanics
SEP291 Engineering Modelling
SEJ201 Structural Design (2 credit points)
SEM202 Thermodynamics
SEM216 Stress and Failure Analysis

For Year 3 and Year 4 subjects, refer to WWW.DEAKIN.EDU.AU

Award BSc (Hons)
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Career paths -
Deakin University
Deakin Uni
Academic centers Royal Institute of Colombo
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