Advanced Diploma of Science (Computing / IT)

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Time Duration 16 months (8 months - Dip + 8 months - Adv.Dip) or 24 months (12 months - Dip + 12 months - Adv.Dip)
Lecture dates and time -
Qualification from (University/ Taff) Edith Cowan University - ECU
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Fees - Per Subject Rs. 72,000/- per unit
Locations Colombo Galle Kandy

The course of Study:
Advanced Diploma of Science (Computing/IT)

Course Structure:
Students complete each major by selecting 4 units comprising of:

1 core unit + 3 units selected on the basis of the desired major
Students wishing to transfer to ECU third year must complete a total of 8 Advanced Diploma units in both majors.
CSP2348D: Data Structures
CSP2104D: Object-Oriented Programming with C++
CSI2343D: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
CSI2312D: Foundations in Software Engineering
CSG2341D: Intelligent Systems
CSI3344D: Distributed Systems
Electives - Select 2 Units:
Two Electives from any other ECC Diploma program

Pre-requisites for specific units
CSP2348D: Data Structures (Pre requisite CSP1150D)
CSP2104D: Object Oriented Programming with C++ (Pre requisite CSP1150D)
CSI2343D: Object Oriented Analysis and Design (Pre requisite CSI1241D)
CSI2312D: Foundations in Software Engineering (Pre requisite CSP1150D & CSI1241D)
CSG2341D: Intelligent Systems (Pre requisite CSP1150D)
CSI3344D: Distributed Systems (Pre requisite CSP1150D)

Award Edith Cowan University - ECU
Double Major Options -
Career paths -
Edith Cowan University
Academic centers ACBT - Australian College of Business and Technology
Pathway Options Entry into 3rd year of: On completion of 8 Advanced Diploma units, ACBT students can articulate into the ECU Bachelor of Computer Science at ACBT. Students can also enter into many other universities in Australia or the UK and complete the Bachelor's degree in Computing/IT related fields