Coming together in the fight against COVID-19

Creative Software and Cambio Software Engineering join hands with Rotary District 3220 in aid of Meethotamulla Intermediate Care Centre for COVID-19 patients

Conventionally, recreational activities of a company take on colourful form, involving gatherings and celebrations that bring us closer and help nurture the connections we made at our workplaces. However, 18 months into this pandemic and the volatile nature of this virus means most organisations across the country have not been able to gather, much less, celebrate.

The employees of Creative Software and Cambio looked through a different lens and decided to turn part of their annual recreational budget into a generous act of kindness. Covid numbers in the country have been on the rise, and they saw it fit to make an impactful contribution towards supporting national efforts to combat COVID-19.

The Meethotamulla Intermediate Care Centre is purposed as a COVID-19 facility to treat infected patients under the supervision of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) and the Regional Director of Health Services, Colombo. The objective of a centre such as this is to help reduce the burden on the hospital healthcare system and support patients within a suitably equipped, safe environment and aid the recovery of all who come in through their doors.

Critical care infrastructure enhancement is important artillery in the fight against Covid and this project was facilitated by Rotary District 3220 (Sri Lanka and the Maldives) at the request of the Director-General of Health.

The centre, now fully functional, enables care for 500 patients at any given time and is managed by the NHSL.

President of the Welfare Committee at Creative Software, Sudantha Munasinghe, commenting on the project said, “At the core of our people, are generous hearts and giving hands. With the country facing a national crisis, we feel it is a privilege to pitch in and make a difference where we can, individually and collectively.”

Dharshana Jayawardena, General Manager-Software Engineering at Cambio Software Engineering, commented, “We are grateful to all those working tirelessly on the frontlines. This is us doing our bit, in gratitude and in support of all they do.” Together, the employees of Creative Software and Cambio have wholly facilitated the purchase of all critical care equipment, from the seemingly basic things such as beds and trollies to multipara monitors, high-flow oxygen machines, oxygen cylinders and mobile ventilators.