Cambridge International releases results for June 2020 series – with the help of teachers worldwide

Sri Lanka, August 12, 2020: In a year like no other, Cambridge International released the results of its June 2020 series on time, to thousands of schools around the world today. Altogether more than 950,000 grades were issued, to almost 4,000 schools in 139 countries.

In Sri Lanka, this year the most popular Cambridge O Level subjects are English Language, Mathematics Syllabus D and Computer Science and the most popular Cambridge International AS & A Level subjects are Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Globally, the most popular Cambridge International AS & A Levels this year are English (General Paper), maths and physics.

This year Cambridge International took the decision not to hold exams for its global June 2020 series. Instead, we engaged with education authorities, governments and schools around the world to develop a robust process for awarding students with assessed grades.

Our awarding process combined teacher insights with a rigorous standardisation process. This ensured grades issued for June 2020 would be fair and reliable and accepted by universities and employers globally, in the same way as any other year. Our awarding method is robust, clear and available on our website.

Mahesh Srivastava, Regional Director, South Asia at Cambridge Assessment International Education, said: “2020 has been a transformational year and has had a huge impact on teaching across the world. With school closures Cambridge Learners were not able to take their June exams and therefore we developed a statistical standardisation process with the schools to award final grades. Through the process we aimed to create a level playing field and ensure that our grades are fair.”

Christine Özden, Chief Executive, Cambridge International, said: “In a unique situation Cambridge International had to respond quickly so that our global community of Cambridge students stayed safe, but could progress with their education. A key priority was to ensure Cambridge students received grades that are trusted by employers and universities around the world.”

“Our process for awarding assessed grades is built on best practice from the UK and adapted to ensure it works across the many different countries we work in.

“I would like to thank our schools and teachers for the huge amount of effort they put into supporting our awarding process for the June 2020 series, which has enabled us to provide students with reliable and trusted
grades this year.

“I hope our students around the world, can now move forward with their lives, and have come through this experience stronger and more resilient, after what has been a very challenging time for everyone.”Universities have confirmed they are happy with the method used to determine assessed grades this year and have said they will be flexible, to help as many students as possible to progress with their educational journeys.