‘Broaden your horizons with a Postgraduate Degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo’

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, established in 1870, is the undisputed premier medical school in the country. The Faculty takes pride in its 150 years of history and tradition, and has the expertise, technology and resources to train post-graduates in the health-related areas, who are capable of meeting the modern- day demands.

The Faculty of medicine, through the vision of the Dean, Senior Professor Vajira Dissanayake, initiated the concept of ‘Centralized Postgraduate Programs’ to the history of the Faculty. This is a concept where postgraduate programs which were initially carried out by separate departments/units/centers are streamlined and administered under a centralized system. The centralized concept supports the conduct of each program by provision of various facilities and services such as on-line learning platform (LMS), support for conduct of examinations and program review etc. The common virtual inauguration ceremony for the first intake under this new concept was held on 5th February 2021.

Faculty of Medicine Colombo is now accepting applications for the 2021 July intake of the following postgraduate programs and extension courses.

Postgraduate Certificate/ Postgraduate Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science

Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) is a specialized discipline considered under Biomedical Sciences, and the knowledge and expertise in LAS are required for researchers who are going to engage in animal experiments in order to improve humane care of research animals. In these postgraduate courses more emphasis will be given to non-animal alternatives during skills training.  These two courses are the only postgraduate courses available in this discipline in the country.

Those who successfully complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Laboratory Animal Science will be eligible to extend their registration for the Postgraduate Diploma. 

For more information, contact program coordinator, Prof. Mangala Gunatilake on mangalag@physiol.cmb.ac.lk

Training Program in Clinical Genetics

This three-month course aims to provide an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the core concepts in clinical genetics and genomics and their applications in medicine and healthcare. It provides training in understanding the effects of chromosomal abnormalities and genetic variations on human health and disease, the use of clinical evaluation and genetic testing in the diagnosis of genetic disorders and risk estimation, selecting appropriate genetic and genome-level diagnostic tests, interpreting results and providing accurate genetic information and advice to patients, their families and the public at large.

For more information, contact program coordinator, Dr. Nirmala Sirisena on 0112 689 545 or nirmala@anat.cmb.ac.lk

Certificate course in Infection Prevention & Control

Hospital associated infections are a leading cause of increased morbidity and mortality in patients and healthcare workers. In view of the above, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo is offering a certificate course in infection prevention and control.

This course is intended to improve the  knowledge and skills on  infection prevention and control in health care professionals responsible for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections in all settings, whether hospitals, clinics or family practice offices.  The specific personnel include doctors and other healthcare professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, medical laboratory technicians and healthcare administrators).

For more information, contact program coordinator, Dr. Nilanthi Senanayake on 0112697513 or ipc@micro.cmb.ac.lk

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Development 

The course is designed for Doctors, Nurses, NGOs and Other Healthcare Professionals to give a broad overview of the health sector and issues related to health using a multidisciplinary approach. It is especially aimed at those of you working in health and health related areas in the public or private sector, or NGOs, who wish to broaden your understanding on health.

The program focuses on the concepts related to health, the dynamic nature of its determinants and analyses the multifaceted nature of the health system and related organizations. It is geared to equip the learners to apply the knowledge and skills gained to analyze present and future challenges in health development and to take an advocacy role in encouraging others to view health outcomes to be a result of policies and advances in other sectors. The course consists of lectures by experts, student seminars and small group discussions and a dissertation based on a simple research project.

For more information contact, Dr. Yasaswi Walpita (0112 677 765 | 0112 695 300 Ext: 142/143 or yasaswi@commed.cmb.ac.lk) Ms. Krishni Fernando (0775273707 or hdrp2008@gmail.com | health@med.cmb.ac.lk)

Certificate / Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Personnel who are able to play a lead role in planning, development and implementation of programmes aimed at promoting occupational health and safety, are becoming increasingly important with the country’s economic development and industrialization. Diploma course in Occupational Health and Safety and Certificate course in Occupational Health and Safety, conducted by the Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo are targeted towards this national need.

These courses are designed for professionals from industrial and health settings, who are interested or are already responsible for health and safety in their workplaces. These are comprehensive programmes, with curricula designed to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in occupational health and safety enabling the learner to practice as a health and safety professional. For more information contact, Dr. Dulani Samaranayake or Ms. Siyani Batagoda (0112 677 765 | 0112 695 300 Ext: 142/143 or dulani@commed.cmb.ac.lk | siyani@commed.cmb.ac.lk).